How to Boost Your Office Productivity

Office productivity is rarely discussed when it comes to different aspects of running an office. If you are looking to boost your profits, you need to keep your expenses low and your revenue high. The best way to do that is to boost productivity. Many office managers resort to hiring more people to increase productivity, but this will also greatly increase your expenses. More people obviously cost more money. If you want to increase your productivity, you should look into refurbishing your office.

Office Refurbishment

It might not seem like it, but refurbishing your office can actually boost your productivity. Some research has shown that productivity can be increased by as much as 50% in certain offices. You don’t have to make very drastic changes, either.

The seating at your office is actually a big part of how productive your employees might be. When people are uncomfortable, they tend to focus on their discomfort more. When people are uncomfortable in their office chairs, they also tend to find more excuses to get up and walk around. They head to the restroom more often, they spend more time at the coffee machine, and they find other reasons to not be at their desks. Even these little interruptions can hurt your productivity in serious ways. If you have an office with six employees and your employees spend an extra ten minutes walking around or wasting time, you are losing one hour of productivity per day. That is about two percent of your overall office productivity per day.

If you want to refurbish your office chairs, .

Standing Desks

Another way to keep your employees alert and productive is the standing desk. As was previously discussed, you can easily lose two percent of your office productivity by your employees stretching their legs more often. Two percent might not seem like very much, but when your profit margins are very narrow, it could be the difference between sinking and swimming. Also, that is only one aspect of how you lose productivity. When compounded with other factors, it can get worse.

A standing desk solves many different situations. Standing desks satisfy your employees’ need to stretch their legs. Research has found that employees are more alert and more productive when they are standing. If they’re standing for just a few minutes at a meeting, they’re more likely to take part in the meeting and to offer their opinions. Something about standing makes people more willing to engage. That increased productivity could be a game changer for you and your business.

You should consult with professionals about how to refurbish your office to increase your productivity. Interior design professionals know how best to inspire employees through the use of furniture, decorations, and appliances. Designing an office is as much an art form as it is a craft. Specialists in the field can provide you with the kind of office refurbishments that make your office as productive as it can be.

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