Natural Disasters Are Already Stressful: Make Picking Up the Pieces Easier by Calling a Professional

With a number of DIY home improvement shows airing today, it’s easy to think that maybe, just maybe, you can handle repairs and restorations yourself. However, there are some cases in which you should leave it to the pros. In fact, not doing so can lead to permanent loss in property value, and even – dare we say it – condemnation of your home.

Water Damage

Water damage from leaky roofs, appliance malfunctions, and damaged foundations have destroyed more homes than you can conceive of. Each case obviously varies in degree based on what went wrong. Damage from a leaking dishwasher or washing machine hose, for example, may not be so tough for you to clean up.

But in the case of a natural disaster, a combination of strong winds and heavy rains leaves your home or business vulnerable to structural damage which can allow water inside. And in the case of flooding, what began in the basement can interrupt power and even rise to your primary living space.

The fact is, the average homeowner isn’t even qualified to properly assess the damage. And if you can’t assess it, you can’t fix it. There are four classes of water damage, and technicians undergo special training to identify them and develop courses of action for repair.

Don’t DIY

Many homeowners know how to perform tasks like painting. That’s because you know what you need (brushes, rollers, paint, plastic sheeting, tape) and those supplies are readily available and fairly inexpensive.

But restoration after water damage requires much more. First, damaged materials need to be removed. This can range from pulling up carpet to doing full-stop demolition on a wall. Your average DIY project probably doesn’t include experience in replacing floorboards, insulation, and rock sheeting. In addition, you probably don’t have special probes and dryers pros use in your garage.

Tools and supplies are of capital importance in water damage restoration. Flooring and drywall repair and replacement requires tools that only contractors found at places like have at the ready. In fact, you could easily end up spending as much in supplies as it does to just call a professional and be done with it.

The Risks

Water damage is among the more dangerous types of damage that can occur due to the potential for long-term effects on your health. Should you attempt to fix water damage on your own, any error or attempt to cut corners can result in the growth of mold.

Over time, areas impacted by water damage can grow a fungus that causes or aggravates respiratory dysfunction, like asthma. Moreover, it can be deadly to the sick and elderly, who have weaker immune systems. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to act quickly and get the place dried out and repaired before mold takes hold.

Natural disasters can be devastating, but all may not be lost. Call a professional as soon as danger has passed to do what’s best for your health and your home.

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