Installation of Wood Floor Made Easy: Tips for Home Owners

Having a new wooden floor in your new home is amazingly interesting; however, you have to decide how to install the floor. A professional floor fitter can do the job perfectly, since they know the nitty gritty of floor fitting job. The expert tips of GoHaus professionals can help you to make the floor fitting job easy in your dream home.

Choose the Wood Floor Carefully

Nowadays, the online stores and market have myriad of options available for the homeowners. is available in a variety of different patterns and designs. You can choose species of wood and plank sizes according to your unique style and taste. Your space plays a crucial role in deciding the type of floor you choose; you can lay your wooden floor perfectly by choosing wood floor carefully. Determine the type of thickness for example, if you have joints, choose a wooden floor nearly 18mm thick.

Another important consideration while choosing a wooden floor is the area you choose to install. Not all the species of floors are the same, a hallway or a living room is busier than a bathroom that needs durable wooden n floor. The engineered hardwood flooring is a solution for elegant people.

Prepare the Subfloor

Before installing the wooden floor, it is important that you prepare your subfloor before installation. If it is done incorrectly, then it can cause the floor to damage easily. Therefore, it is always wise to check whether the floor is flat, dry, clean or leveled. For that purpose, using a spirit level is a good strategy that helps homeowners to better install their wood floors.

Moreover, checking the moisture content for the subflooring is also important. Clean yoru subfloor before installation and remove the old chemicals that are stuck to the floor for several years. Also sweep always the dust and dirt to get rid of stains.

Read the Fitting Instructions Carefully

The engineered hardwood flooring comes with instruction manual that contains important information for smooth installation. Therefore, you must read the instruction manual before starting installation. They will cover everything you require to get ready for actual installation. If you have any further problems understanding the content, then contact the customer support. GoHaus provides the friendly customer support all around the clock for their loyal customers.

You must have the Right Equipment

Before starting the installation task, it is essential to have the right equipment with you. You may need several things for wooden floor fitting, for example, for the joints, you may need the WPVA glue and you might needs nails to fix the floor.

Installing the Floor in Right Direction

You can decide to lay your wooden floors down in any direction; that is entirely up to you. That will improve your room’s looks and add to aesthetics. Most homeowners prefer to attach their floors according to the path of light. Therefore, the light from a door or a window can help to add the natural beauty to the room.

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