How fast does the number of mice in your home increase?

Seeing one mouse in your home does not necessarily mean that you are facing an infestation but it’s a sign that you could be. Female mice can experience 5 -10 pregnancies each year and they can have litters of up to 14 pups. This means that if a male and female mouse decide that your home is a good place to hang out, you could be faced with a big problem, very quickly.

To make matters worse, a baby female can start reproducing once she is six weeks old. The original mouse can become a great grandma within four months, and each new female can go on to have up to 10 litters of her own each year. This is why effective is a must as soon as a mouse is spotted.

The damage that mice can cause

If you do not deal with a mouse problem as soon as possible, your home can be significantly damaged. Mice can scratch and chew at wooden surfaces. They can also chew through electrical wires which can cause a destructive fire in your home. Mice also urinate and defecate around your home. The droppings and urine can cause allergic reactions in people and rodents can also spread serious diseases. Given the fact that the presence of just two mice (a male and female) can potentially lead to the presence of hundreds in twelve months, you can see how important it is to deal with the situation straight away.

Signs that mice may be around

Mice come out at night, so you may not actually see them; at least at first. Look out for other signs that mice may be living in your home.

  • Chewing of wood and cables.
  • An unusual smell.
  • Scratching noises.
  • Mouse droppings and urine stains.

Remember that the sooner you spot a problem; the sooner you can start to solve it.

Why professional help is a good idea

Mice have no respect for your home, your property, or your store cupboard. Once they get a hold in your property, they start causing chaos straight away. Aside from the damage they cause, and the diseases they spread, mice also love to invade food cupboards and they have even been known to steal sweet treats from a bedside table during the night. They may leave behind some food items but these are likely to be contaminated.

You can try setting mousetraps yourself. However, it often takes time for them to be successful especially as you do not have the expertise to enable you to place them in the optimum areas. If you get help from expert , you can be sure that they will do an efficient job. They will check your home for mice and work out where they are most likely to be present. They will then use methods such as bait and traps to rid your home of the pests as quickly as possible.

Never ignore mice in your home. They multiply quickly and can breed from a young age. If you do not resolve the issue quickly, it’s possible to be overrun within months.

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