Home Design Trends to Watch for in 2016

Unless you read every home design blog on the web, spend hours watching television every day and spend time with decorators, you may not remain up to date on some of the hottest home trends for the coming year. These trends are suitable for those designing new homes or buying model homes, but you’ll also find some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your existing home. These trends are so gorgeous that many will stick around long after 2016 ends.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside
Manufacturers make outdoor fabric for patio furniture like love seats and chairs. The great thing about this fabric is that it can withstand everything from rain to snow. You can even pop must right in your washing machine to get rid of stains. If you have kids around, you know that stains can happen no matter how careful you are. That is why you’ll love one hot trend, which involves designers the home. You can now bring home a gorgeous couch covered in a beautifully patterned or printed fabric that cleans easier than anything else in your house.

Bold Kitchens
Some of the most popular trends involve the looks spotted in kitchens all across the country. Instead of choosing cabinets in one simple colour, home owners now install cabinets that feature two different shades. They use a darker or bolder finish on the bottom cabinets and a more neutral shade on top. Another fun idea is the use of stainless steel appliances in an unusual colour. If you think that stainless steel only comes in a bright and shiny chrome finish, think again. Designers and manufacturers now offer stainless steel cabinets in both darker and bolder colours like red and brown.

Standalone Dining Rooms
Many of the modern homes built across Australia feature a combination kitchen and dining room. This gives you limited space for entertaining and spending time with your family. With a combined room, you may only have space for a small breakfast table or a tiny dining nook. Many home builders now offer house plans that include a separate dining room. Those spaces may have a small bar or a counter that separates the two rooms while creating a more cohesive look. Large tiles and dramatic wall coverings are some of the trends spotted in these new standalone dining rooms.

New Bathrooms
You likely spend almost as much time in your bathroom as you do any other room in your house. That is why so many relate to that room. One trend that many like is the installation of a bidet. Using a bidet after going to the bathroom will leave you feeling cleaner than ever before. Even if you don’t want to pay for the plumbing work required to install a bidet, you may want to brighten up the room with a new mirror. Large mirrors that serve as a statement piece or focal point are hot right now.

Family Rooms
Are you tired of feeling like your family spends more time on their cell phones and computers than they do with each other? You’re not alone. So many parents felt the same way that one of the hottest trends is the creation of a family room. Instead of a living room that often uses a TV set as the focal point, family rooms are for families to spend time together. While you won’t find a television or a video game console set up, you will find comfortable couches and chairs that surround a small table, making it the perfect place to relax as a family.

White Accents
Colourful accents are popular among some, but a hot trend for 2016 is the use of white accents. White has a clean and modern look that can make even the oldest of homes look more contemporary. Designers and decorators use this trend in every room of the house too. You can bring in a white couch, chairs or throw pillows into your living room, or you can replace your old bedding with a crisp white comforter and some matching pillows. White accents are especially popular in kitchens. New homes often feature clean white counters with matching cabinets.

After reading a few home decorating blogs and seeing new homes built in your area, you might find yourself wishing that you had the money to build a brand new home. Even if your budget is on the smaller side, you can still create a home that is right on trend for 2016. Look over some of those trends or even to find which ones you like the best and which ones fit the design of your home. You can then make a few changes to showcase those trends in each and every room.

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