Here’s How To Paint The Walls In Your Home

Wall painting is definitely not as difficult as some may think. You can always make changes and have that perfect trendy color you want and all that is really needed is a weekend of free time. Modern interior design does focus a lot on wall color, as you can see from modern homes like . If you do not have a problem with a moderate DIY project, here is what you have to do when you want to paint the walls in your home.


You want to remove furniture and be sure you have enough working space where you will do the painting. Sugar soap can be used to clean walls and preventing dust is easy with drop sheets. You can skip the cleaning phase but it is normally a good idea that will offer a much better overall result when you finish painting. Ideally, you want to have a clean area where you work, walls that are clean and protection for the floor.

Painting The Walls

The paint brush should be dipped in the paint up to around 50% of bristle length. Remove all the excess paint by just tapping your brush to the paint pot side. You want to start painting just some centimeters away from corners or edges. As the brush is moved you establish paint edge lines. Drag your brush into edges to make sure lines follow edges.

In the event you will cut-in, be sure that you do not go too far ahead. Wet edges have to be established for rollers to blend with ease in brushed paint. As the cut-in paint will dry, 2 paint coats appear. This is known as picture framing and there will be visible differences between cut-in sections and rolled sections.

When you want to roll out your walls, you need to load rollers and push towards the tray. Then you lift and make sure that an even spin appears. If the roller is not balanced, paint is not evenly applied. You want to keep on rolling over tray with a complete rotation so that paint is evenly spread. Start from where you started to cut in. For a great outcome you want to roll into your brushed surface as much as you can. Try to pain in W motions so that your paint is evenly distributed.

Finishing Up

After a wall section is covered, you want to get the great finish that makes the wall stand out. According to many, this is the one step that should be seen as being the most important. You need to do it as you painted a section that covers 3 to 4 meters so that the finish would be consistent and smooth while concealing the potential streaky brushstrokes.

After you are done painting, you want to always clean the tools you used. There are different great solutions available on the market. When you do not do so, especially if you need to use the painting tools another time, you will be faced with huge problems.

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