Eaves Troughs Are Your Home’s First Line of Defense against Water Damage

We love our homes because they are where we make our lives. They also represent the largest investment we will likely ever make in our lives. Protecting this asset, especially in parts of the world where harsh weather cycles are common, requires examination of gutters, troughs and roofing elements quite regularly. When confronted with a situation that you feel may warrant attention, in the form of repairs or other servicing, it is often times best to consult an expert who can likely save you thousands of dollars in water damage that could be incurred if this fix is not handled properly.

The main role of the gutter system on your home is to channel water off of the roof, away from your home and foundation, and making sure water does not pool on your roof and around the foundation. If there is a blockage, water can pour over the sides of the gutter and pool around the foundation. This same situation can occur if the gutter is damaged in some way. If there is, for example, a hole in the side of the gutter, water will not be channeled away from your home, and instead will pool around the foundation, eventually causing cracks. As the experts at Tiptoptrough.com will tell you, that is theworst-case scenario, but even if this does not happen, pooled water will lead to deleterious mold growth in no time flat.

The boards that hold the gutters, often times called fascia boards, will easily rot if water is backed up in the gutter, which causes spills which will lead to deterioration. If a home has wood siding, this same thing can happen all along the outer walls. This is one of the reasons aluminum siding is so popular in climates with extended winters, and those that enjoy all four seasons (if you’d like more information about this, consult a technician at Tip Top Trough in the Greater Toronto Area – they have seen homes through extremes on both ends of the temperature spectrum). Without aluminum siding, extra special attention has to be paid to the troughs on your home. At the very least, an annual inspection by an expert is likely in order.

The other issue to contend with if your gutters are faulty is potential damage to your shrubs and landscaping below where the water is pouring out. Bushes and shrubs require adequate water, and too much watering can lead to damage, so eaves trough repair should be quickly assessed and completed by experienced trough experts, such as those at Tip Top Trough. The final issue to be concerned with, if you live in colder climates, is that ice dams can form in your gutters. If this happens, it will cause water to pool, and eventually this water will find its way into your home. Ice dams can form in gutters that are clean, but if they are clogged with leaves, the conditions for an ice dam to form are much higher, so it’s that much more important to perform regular maintenance.In the end, keeping gutters cleared, maintained, and inspected, you can keep your home free of mold, foundation free of cracks, and enhance your home’s overall value – so that you can feel confident about the largest investment of your entire life!

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