Diverting DIY Disasters: House Projects You Should Pass Off to a Professional

Taking on a DIY job to save some money is not a bad idea provided you know what you are doing and have all the tools you need, but if you don’t accept the limits of your knowledge and abilities, you could soon be contending with a DIY disaster.

Here is a look at some home projects that might look as though they are within your capabilities at first glance but are often best left to a professional. This includes why electrical tasks are a dangerous idea, when to leave your HVAC to a specialist, and why leaky roofs, plumbing problems, and foundation cracks need an expert eye.

A shocking idea

Somewhere near the top of your “DIY Don’t” list would be the majority of major electrical jobs and repairs that need doing around the house every now and again.

Replacing a light bulb or changing a fuse is not exactly that taxing but for larger and more complicated jobs like fitting a new socket or installing a new light fitting, do you really want to risk the prospect of getting electrocuted?

Whenever you are contemplating the idea of doing the electrical work yourself it would be wise to remember that there is a valid reason why electricians spend a good few years learning enough to qualify for their license.

It is not just the prospect of getting an electric shock that should put you off, there is also the genuine concern that your wiring might work initially, only to discover later that you have caused a house fire with your DIY electrical work.

Don’t mess with your heating or cooling system

Another DIY task that is often best left to a professional is trying to fix problems with your cooling or heating system.

It often pays to book regular so that your unit can run at maximum efficiency, and if something goes wrong, there are also good reasons why you should resist the temptation to attempt a DIY repair.

You might think that a project like replacing your furnace might be something you have the skills for, but the big point to bear in mind is the fact that a professional installation will be done to code, which is a requirement, plus you get a guarantee on the work.

Fixing a leaky roof

There are two things to point out specifically about problems with your roof, the first is that you need to act quickly to avoid further damage to your property, and the second point is that it is often unwise to attempt the repairs yourself.

Working at heights is dangerous anyway, but factor in the scenario where you end up causing more damage yourself by not knowing how to carry out the repairs safely and effectively, and you already have a convincing argument for picking up the phone and calling a professional.

Roofing work normally requires more specialist knowledge that you might realize and when you use a professional roofer you get the backup that their work is guaranteed as well.

Don’t even think about doing any foundation work

Even if you consider yourself to be better than the average DIY enthusiast there are always going to be jobs that should not even be on your radar and trying to fix a foundation problem is definitely one of them.

Whichever way you look at it, if you have any sort of issue with the foundations of your property you potentially have a serious problem on your hands and you need to immediately contact a professional contractor rather than attempt any repairs yourself.

For the avoidance of doubt, this advice applies to even small problems that you find with your foundations.

The structure of a property and its load-bearing capabilities requires specialist knowledge and as soon as you spot even a minor amount of damage, it is highly recommended that you seek out the services of someone who can identify what is going on and suggest a suitable solution.

Be wary of water

Finally, a popular DIY project involves or tackling a new installation, but there is very little margin for error when it comes to water and if anything goes wrong you can soon be dealing with a serious amount of water running loose inside your home.

If you fix a plumbing problem incorrectly and violate codes in the process, you even run the risk of putting off a buyer at a later date when they take a dislike to your DIY work.

It is all very well being enthusiastic when it comes to DIY around your home, but it also pays to know when it would be better to call in a professional.

Bailey Russell has been working on his house renovation project for 2 years now, a labor of love for sure! When he’s not too exhausted he shares some of his experiences and tips online for others to learn from.

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