Modern Home Security: What You Need to Know About Today’s Video Systems

You always want to do what you can to keep you and your family safe in your own home and that is why many homeowners consider the idea of installing a security system.

The problem comes when you are faced with a wealth of different options but a lack of real information to help you make an informed decision and decide which type of security system is best for you.

Modern home security systems have had a major upgrade thanks to technology and you can now enjoy the chance to install a video system so that you can see and hear exactly who is calling and what is going on in and around your home.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why you should consider a security system together with an insight into the options available, including an overview of what modern systems provide, how it can help reduce insurance costs, and why grainy images are a thing of the past.

Still an effective deterrent

Your primary aim is to dissuade perpetrators from thinking that your home is likely to prove an easy target and when they see evidence of a security system most would-be intruders will think twice about targeting your property, for fear of getting caught.

It is estimated that you are at least 2.5 times more likely to be burglarized if your home is not protected by a security system.

Although a home security system is considered to be a very effective deterrent it is not the only reason why you should be persuaded to have one in your home. Modern systems can also work as an effective early warning system in the event of a fire or even a medical emergency.

While you are away

If you have a monitored home security system installed you are signing up to a 24/7 monitoring scenario where there is always going to be someone watching over your home when you are away from the property.

It is a common concern for many homeowners when they drive away from their property and head off on a family trip, but thanks to video surveillance and monitoring , there is the option to have someone else watching over your home when you aren’t there to do the job yourself.

You can get more from your proposed supplier, but remember it is not just a burglar that can cause harm to your home, most systems will also offer a facility to alert you to a house fire, a carbon monoxide leak, or a noticeable temperature drop in the property, which could suggest there is a problem such as flooding.

Lower insurance costs

It is also worth remembering that as well as enjoying a greater peace of mind when you have a home security system to offer you protection, you can also often benefit from lower insurance rates.

Your insurance company should recognize and reward your attempts to make your home more secure and that means you are likely to be entitled to a discount when you have a system installed.

Homeowners may receive a discount of up to 20% against their annual cost of home insurance if they have a functioning alarm system installed in the home.

Making the most of technology

There are now so many different options available when it comes to choosing a home security system that is right for you and gives you the surveillance options you want.

Your starting point would normally be to take a good look around your home and work out where you are likely to need video coverage and alarm protection. Key entry points like windows and doors will have to be covered, as well as working out which other areas you would like monitored.

The good news is that you can now get a wireless option as well as the traditional wired system, so you don’t have to suffer the disruption of having wires channeled into your walls when the system is being installed.

A wireless camera system is definitely an easier setup but you should make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and you may need a Wi-Fi repeater to give you the coverage you need throughout the house.

Video options

The other major technology improvement in security systems has been the quality of video recordings.

Gone are the days of grainy video where it is hard to make out the images you are viewing, instead you now get HD quality images that are downloaded onto systems that can store up to 50 days of data.

It is now perfectly possible to install a home security system that allows you to see exactly what is happening in your home in real-time and get you the help you need whether you are at home or not.

Harriet Franklin has worked in a DIY store for years and has a range of experience when it comes to helping people pick the right tool or equipment.

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