Designing a Home that Complements Nature

The natural world is often associated with better health and relaxation, so create tranquillity indoors with a home that complements nature.Natural design in your home interior promotes relaxation of the body and mind. Natural elements lull the senses with rich textures felt in nature andcountless colours seen outdoors.Use these as your design inspiration.

Choose a destination

Consider using a natural location or flora and fauna as inspiration for designing your home. Draw inspiration from natural tones and imagery. Design a room or your entire home using a woodland theme for a rustic natural look.

For a tranquil woodland backdrop in any room, add realistic photo wallpaper depicting a forested scene. Another idea for walls is to paint a muted pastel green reminiscent of young spring buds, very pale tan similar to birch wood, or morning sky blue hues. Consider natural paint, such as milk paint or clay paint; as you might have guessed, these paints are naturally derived from milk or clay.

Pair nature-inspired walls with printed fabric pillows, throw blankets, or a rug adorned with woodland creatures such as foxes, birds and rabbits. Repeat these natural animal prints or even fern motifs throughout the home to tie each room together.

Hardwood floors further enhance an enchanting woodland theme. In addition to being made of natural materials, hardwood floors are durable and never go out of fashion.

If the woodlands are not your favourite location, you have an entire planet filled with potential inspiration, including locations such asdeserts, beaches, tropical forests, mountains and meadows. Begin any natural design with colour selections, and keep natural materials in mind.

Let in natural light

Sunlight is invigorating during daytime and helps your body maintain balance as the sun rises and sets. Connect with the outdoors by soaking up natural sunlight indoors. Let sunlight stream in to illuminate and warm your home.

installed in your home allow plentiful natural light indoors. These shutters are not only beautiful butalsogood for the earth. Your home design is inspired by nature after all, so it only makes sense to keep nature in mind and choose shutters that are friendly to the planet. You will enjoy the added bonus of saving money due to the insulation provided by these shutters, which eases the burden of heating and cooling your home.

Luckily, shutters allow easy adjustment of light entering the home. Shutters also provide the option of privacy, which is important at night-time once the sun has set.

Natural textures

Natural materials please the senses and are typically eco-friendly. Consider every surface in your home to be an opportunity to use rich natural textures. Bring the various sensations from outdoors into almost any interior.

Natural stone, cork and bamboo flooring appear distinct yet coexist with almost any design. Limestone or travertine make for beautiful natural flooring, while marble creates a luxury look. These materials are sturdy enough to last the life of the house.

Cork and bamboo are sustainable choices that provide an interesting aesthetic. Cork is a renewable material that is gentle and gives a bit under foot. Cork is unique in the way that it buffers sound to prevent unwanted echoes within a room. Bamboo is an attractive alternative type of flooring. It is renewable, strong, and reduces carbon dioxide gasses in the environment while it is growing.

Consider finishing the design with repurposed wood doors, furniture and decorative items. Local boutiques sometimes carry unique hand-crafted wood pieces such as hand-carved solid wood furniture and d├ęcor. Natural sisal or seagrass baskets and rugs add to the earthy ambiance.

Freshen up the senses

Install a luxury rain shower head for the serenity and refreshment of a spring rain. Trickling rain sounds put the body in a state of calmness, and the sensation of rain on your skin brings tranquillity.

Natural stone flooring is durable for rooms involving water use. For a softer sensation below foot, add organic cotton or wool bath mats. Look for undyed or natural dyes used in the making of any fabric.

Home is where you retreat at the end of the day to find quietness. Bring the serenity of nature indoors to enjoy on a daily basis. Draw inspiration from the colours, textures and materials found in nature. Also, remember to be a good steward of the earth when selecting your interior finishes and furnishings. It is important to keep the planet safe in order to continue benefitting from nature. Enjoy your newly found calmness as you unwind in a nature-inspired home.

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