Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Antique Interior

It is always fascinating to go with antique interior and it needs to be balanced. You can go with antique furniture and get bedside table which allows you to tie up the whole theme around your bedroom. However, avoid t match them because matching your bedroom sets are no longer important. Today, you only have to mix and match the furniture based on what you love such as adding antique trunk, vintage dresser or new bedside table.

contemporary-white-bedroom-with-wooden-furnitureIndeed, the trend at this time is always mixing new with old furniture which is quite simple but modern. Here are some pictures and ideas to deal with it. This San Francisco bedroom could be completed with an antique headboard.

As you can see from the picture that there is Charming Antique Daybed which is awesome for today’s trend. Get dual-functioning trunks to the old-school storage style and of course it could be perfect for makeshift tables or extra blankets.

contemporary-brown-bedroom-with-wooden-furnitureBoast the interior look by adding more white as you can see from the picture of master bedroom belongs to Wiley’s getaway. You can design a great room which could lead you to the view around the wall of limestone-cased windows and enjoy accessing the main level entrance. Place antique walnut trestle table and it is surrounded by antique French chairs for dining room with spacious interior design.

You can hide a bedroom TV into nestle an airmore in. Your bed’s placement basically could determine the interior. It is very possible for you to add much style by using fabric and also coordinating fringe. Match white and blue fabric to complete the brown furniture. Another simple way to use antique bedroom interior could be by reusing the old door or old dresses. It could give antique touch and feel around the interior.

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