5 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean While Remodeling

Whether you’re in the process of having a brand-new kitchen or bathroom installed, or you’re adding a new room to your house entirely, major home renovations can be a lot of work.  And while the prospect of a better living space is what gets most homeowners through the upheaval, those who don’t prepare well beforehand are often left cleaning dust and debris for weeks.  In this article, we’re going to take a look at five ways to keep your home clean during the remodeling process.

Clear the Room

The first thing you’ll want to do is clear the room of any household goods, clothing, decorations and furniture.  Not only will it make the remodeling easier if the tradesmen aren’t tasked with working around your belongings, but it will also ensure there aren’t any nasty accidents that damage your belongings.  If you don’t have the space in your home for this job, you can hire a storage company to take your items until the remodelling is complete. Alternatively, you can look into using a to help get rid of any unwanted items in your home.

Cover Anything You Can’t Remove

The next step is to cover anything that you can’t remove.  This includes flooring, kitchen countertops, and large pieces of furniture that can’t physically be removed.  Trimaco sell a variety of heavy duty products that can be used to cover every material, including concrete, carpets, kitchen countertops, stainless steel, hardwood and more.  Investing in this will help to prevent damage while also preventing debris and dust from getting into cracks and crevices.

Keep the Area Isolated

Before the work can begin, you’ll want to speak to the remodelers and ask them to keep the area isolated.  This might mean them entering your home through a back door, or it might mean affixing plastic sheeting over the entryways so that any dirt and dust remains in the room that is being remodeled, preventing it from being traipsed around the rest of the house.

Build a Canvas Path

If the remodeling is happening in a room that can’t easily be accessed by an outside door, you’ll want to use canvas to build a path between your home’s front door and the room itself.  This way, the remodelers can walk on the canvas as opposed to your carpets, and at the end of the day you can pick the canvas up and shake off any debris outside.  This is much easier than trying to vacuum carpets that have dirt trapped in them.

Clean Daily

Finally, it’s important to keep on top of the cleaning.  It’s much easier to manage if you do a quick vacuum once a day as opposed to trying to tackle the mess at the end of the project.  This is something you can also speak to the tradesmen about.  Many will be more than happy to clean up before they finish for the day, saving you a job.

Did these tips help you?  We’d love to hear about your remodeling experience, and the cleanup, in the comments.

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