How to Treat Bed Bugs – Methods That Work

Bed bugs regularly feature in news articles. They are also a common element in the inspection of hotels and other vacation establishments. You may be surprised to learn that bed bugs do not actually spread disease. However they do bite and can cause angry red welts to appear on your skin.

The best way to deal with bed bugs is to prevent them from arriving in your home. Unfortunately this is not always possible. You should check regularly for signs of and, if you find any then a professional firm can help. Bed bugs are generally transported by humans! It can be through the seats you use, your suitcases, clothes or even on you!

However, there are a number of steps you can take yourself to treat bed bugs:

Locate the Issue

You’ll be aware of the bed bugs by the red welts on your body, or on a family member. This will suggest that they are in that person’s bed. However, you should then inspect the entire house, paying particular attention to anywhere people are sat for long periods of time. Once you have located all the places that have bedbugs you can take the next step.


To get rid of the bed bugs you need to remove their homes. Start by bagging anything up where the bed bugs are; this will allow you to move it round your home without spreading the bed bugs. Anything that cannot be sealed in a bag or treated must be discarded. But, you need to discard it in a way that will not leave it open for others to pick up.

You can simply leave the items in sealed bags to kill the bed bugs but this could take a year which might be longer than you want to wait.

Preparing The Area

This is an essential step as it will allow you to monitor the success of your treatment process. You need to remove any clutter which could give the bed bugs an alternative home. This means getting rid of untreatable infested items directly into plastic bags and then the bins.

You should also get rid of excess clothing and do not keep clothes on the floor. It is also important to replace any cardboard boxes with plastic. Bed bugs can live in cardboard but not plastic.

Heat Treatment

One of the most effective methods of killing bed bugs is heat. If your items can be washed put them in your washing machine on high heat. Follow this by drying them on high heat. But, do not bring them back to the infested area until you are sure it is clear.

Cold Treatment

Surprisingly freezing conditions can also kill bed bugs. You can put infested items into your freezer and leave them there for four days; this will kill the bed bugs.


It is likely that you’ll need to use some pesticides to finish the job. You can purchase these from pest control stores and even some general stores.

However, unless you are extremely confident of your ability to handle these dangerous substances; it is generally a better idea to allow the professionals to complete the final stage.

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