Weekend DIY: Fast and Simple Projects to Show Your Home Some Love

Time is tight when you are working all week which means you only have the weekend to sort out the DIY tasks that might start to stack up unless you make a plan to tackle them and give your home some attention.

Here is a look at some DIY projects that you could get done in a weekend, including an overlooked space that could probably welcome a makeover, some maintenance tasks that get your home ready for winter, plus a design feature that should only take an afternoon to complete.

Love your laundry room

If you were asked to name a favorite weekend DIY task it would probably be a bathroom makeover or sprucing up your lounge but way down the list of replies would be anything to do with your laundry room.

Your laundry room is almost certainly overdue a bit of a makeover as it is one part of your home that is often overlooked and simply used as a dumping ground for all the clothes that need washing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a laundry room that is neat and tidy, well organized and highly functional?

Imagine yourself walking into a neat and welcoming space that has loads of useful shelving for storing all your linens and other essentials. Giving your laundry room a makeover might not have been on your weekend DIY radar but it is a job that will feel well worthwhile when you create an efficient and attractive space that is the engine room of a family home.


Leaks and drafts

If the weather is ok for the weekend you might want to think about getting some outside jobs done while you have the opportunity and before winter weather has a chance to invade your home.

It should only take a couple of hours to work your way around your home and check for any drafts coming from your windows and doors.

A caulk gun and some weather stripping should help to resolve any problems you are having with wind and rain making your home feeling more cold and drafty that it needs to. Fitting weather stripping should also have a positive impact on your heating bills so it is worth doing while you have a couple of spare hours.

If you notice some water coming down the walls and you suspect that there might be some damage to your roof, it might be better to call a to check what the problem is.


Fix your gutters

Although most roofing issues are best left to a professional, especially when you consider the obvious danger of working at heights, there are some simple maintenance tasks that you can often carry out safely by yourself.

One potential cause of water running down your wall or siding could be blocked guttering.

If you get someone to help you by watching the ladder you should be able to work safely to clear the gutters of dirt and debris, while also checking that the downspout is attached properly and nothing has come away from the fixing.

Create a new focal point in your living room

If you fancy the idea of giving your living room a quick makeover a good way to do that would be to paint an accent wall.

This is a DIY job that should only take an afternoon of time, including a few hours to prep the area and the actual painting work itself. Painting an accent wall is a neat design trick as it manages to create what can be a dramatic focal point without the need to paint and decorate the whole of the room.

Allow yourself enough time to fill any holes and cover the furniture properly before you start. A couple of hours with a roller in your hand should be enough to transform the look of your living room, giving you the rest of the weekend to enjoy it.

A flooring job that will take up your weekend

The DIY jobs mentioned so far are all easily accomplished with plenty of time left out of your 48 hours but if you want to take on something more involved and are prepared to devote your entire weekend to the project, installing floor tile would be a good candidate.

If you want to change the look of your bathroom or kitchen, installing floor tile can lift the look of your room, but it is meticulous work and this is a job that you have to commit to fully once you get started.

The good news for taking your weekend up on DIY jobs is that you will be making a positive difference to your home and you might even be rewarded for your efforts with a rise in the value of your home.

Cameron Kirby is a keen DIY enthusiast who usually has several DIY projects on the go at any 1 time. Currently, he’s on a mission to sort out the garden and the exterior of the house.

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