Spruce up Your House Before Summer

After a season of sitting dormant, your home probably needs to be spruced up to be ready for warm summer weather. Which means now is a good time to head to your local hardware store to pick up some supplies to make getting your house ready easy. Here are a few easy ideas to make your home show-ready just in time for summer.


 After sitting around for months, it’s likely space around your home has collected a bit of clutter. It’s normal not to want to clean out your garage, shed, or around your home in cold weather, but that means once it warms up it’s time to grab the garbage bags and start cleaning. Throw away anything that isn’t salvageable or other junk that’s accumulated around your home during the winter, and sell or donate things you may no longer need but someone else may find use from. Getting rid of clutter around your home is a quick, easy way to beautify and keep your home safe from accidents caused by too much junk.

Use Your Green Thumb

 Landscaping around your home is a great way to add to its curb appeal and overall value. Get creative with your landscaping by adding beautiful fountains, outdoor lighting, or colorful shrubs for a pop of color. Landscaping takes a little extra work, but it’s worth it when you have a beautiful finished product you can show off to friends and neighbors.

Care for Your Windows

 After sitting neglected during long winter months, your windows have likely built up a layer of dirt and grime that’s preventing them from letting the maximum amount of light in your home. Grab a pressure washer and give your windows a good, thorough cleaning to allow the sun to shine in and make your home sparkle. If your windows are old and dingy, it may be time to consider a set of to make your home look great and be more energy efficient.


 Most homes need to be repainted every few years, so if your home hasn’t been painted for a while, it’s time to grab the scraper and paint cans and get to work. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home not only increases its resale value, but it makes it look great. If you have vinyl siding, inspect your home each year to see if it’s still in good condition and doesn’t need to be repaired or replaced. You can also pressure wash your siding to keep it looking beautiful.

Clean Gutters

 Your gutters are vital to your home’s drainage system. They keep water flowing away from your home’s foundation so it doesn’t suffer from damage or deterioration. If your gutters get clogged up with debris, they can’t operate the way they were intended, which can wreak havoc on your home. Take time to clean out your gutters after a long winter to remove any leaves, twigs, and other debris that’s built up in them over the cold weather months.

After you’ve completed these easy summer maintenance projects around your home, you’ll be ready to enjoy the summer. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful home this summer with family and friends.

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