Quick tips to decorate your house on a budget

Everyone wants their house to look like those featured in glossy design and architecture magazines, but what’s the first thing that comes to mind when looking at such pictures? That’s right, everything looks expensive. So what can you do when your house needs a makeover to bring it back to life but your bank account doesn’t seem to be on par with your bold plans? Apply for a loan and take on a major renovation project? Absolutely not! It’s not worth going through all the trouble when there are much better alternatives to address the issue. No, robbing a bank is not an option either, nor attending an interior design school to learn how to decorate your home like a pro.

You can still get amazing results even if you have a limited budget and you’re no design expert, with a few simple yet impactful décor ideas. It’s easier than you think if you’re willing to give it a try. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to put these ideas into practice.

Play with color

When you want to give your home a quick lift, what’s the easiest and cheapest thing you could do that would also create an impressive visual effect? It’s simple: paint. A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform any space without much hassle and, most importantly, without making a hole in our budget. Besides, you don’t have to paint every room. A feature wall in a bright shade or a half-painted wall will do the trick. If you’re a bit more daring, you can also play with texture to add more depth and dimension to your space. A textured wall will instantly inject interest in any corner of the house; just make sure you choose a spacious and less crowded room for it.

Add some character

A house that lacks personality doesn’t feel like a home, does it? Your rooms might look nice, but if you feel like something is missing it’s probably because they don’t express your personality. Having a few personal, statement items around the house can give it the character it needs, but such pieces are notoriously expensive. If you were looking for a great deal on a pair of trainers, you’d simply get and go about your day, but how can you buy statement décor pieces that don’t look cheap without breaking the bank? By visiting flea markets where you can find a lot of hidden gems, from vintage accessories to antique furniture. Look for items that can give a touch of originality to your interior and that also reflects your style.

Create an art gallery wall

Art has the power to change the world, so changing the ambiance in your home should be a piece of cake. You don’t have to turn your house into a museum and sell tickets when friends come to visit you, but you can add a few art pieces in strategic places. What’s more, you don’t even have to spend a dime on buying art pieces if you are artistically inclined and eager to express your creativity. Take it as a DIY project that gives you the possibility to explore your imaginative side. You’ll just have to pay for the raw materials and get to work. Probably the most impactful idea is to create an art gallery wall that can turn into the focal point of your home. Apart from looking amazing, it will also have sentimental value.

Update and recover

If you’ve grown tired of your old décor and furniture pieces (and who doesn’t, really?) there’s no reason to get rid of them and buy new ones instead. Apart from the fact that you need to have a healthy budget to shop for new furniture as it doesn’t come cheap no matter how long you search the market, it’s not a very sustainable idea either. You can extend the lifespan of your old pieces if you use your imagination. Your dull-looking sofa can be brought back to life with a few bright-colored cushions that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. A worn-out armchair can be upholstered in a bold pattern fabric and made look like it came straight out of a showroom. And you can apply this approach to all other furniture and décor pieces. With a bit of TLC, the old can become new again.

Move things around

Cheap is good, but free is much better. Wondering how you can give your space a makeover while keeping your budget intact? The answer is quite literally in front of your eyes. Just take a look around your house and you’ll find out you already have everything you need. It will cost you absolutely nothing to redecorate your home if you know how to use the items you have. All you have to do is move things around and create new décor schemes with the pieces you own. You might get rid of some items that were simply cluttering the space and gathering dust, and rediscover objects that weren’t properly displayed and now can get a chance to shine brighter than before.

Let the light lead the way

We all know that light is very important when decorating. Ideally, every room would be bathed in natural light, but since we’re not all that lucky, we don’t recommend breaking down walls to build additional windows and let the light inside. With the right lighting fixture you can illuminate each room properly and create the ambiance you want. Use different lighting sources to complement the space and try to find a balance by choosing lig hting fixtures that are neither too bright nor too dim. And while you’re at it, you might also want to get with the times and replace your old light bulbs with energy efficient LED lights. Your eyes and your monthly electricity bill will thank you. 

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