How to Choose Furniture for Your Living Room

There are many choices to make in finding the right furniture to fill your home. Colors, themes, and personal taste are all part of the mix, along with the interior architecture, which can include a fireplace or a bay window.

Sizing up the Room

Start with basic pieces such as sofas and side tables, armchairs, and coffee tables. How many pieces do you need to accommodate family, friends, and guests? Do you have room for anything extra such as an ottoman with extra storage space?

Invest in Your furniture

Invest in quality pieces that will last, something that can hold up to your family and guests for a long time and still look good. Shop for solid pieces with steel springs and sturdy wood frames that will stand the test of time.

Quality Fabric

Look for superior fabrics that can withstand the wear and tear of daily living. Indulge in luxurious, top-quality fabrics that will last no matter how bad you treat them. Stain resistant fabrics are a must if you have children.

Foam Cushions Wear Well

Seat cushions made of foam tend to last longer than down-filled ones, which can break down and show wear rather quickly. Foam is comfortable for everyone and durable, too, plus the foam is usually inside a zippered fabric that you can remove for cleaning.

Coordinate Furniture Pieces

Although many styles seem to be mix-and-match these days, look for pieces that work together. If you like modern, go with that. If you’re more of a traditional person, you might like a more formal style. For those who want a rich, old-world feel, has a great selection.

Design Themes

Themes are plentiful, but the basics include traditional, modern, casual and Old World. Here are some characteristics of each:

  • Modern: Clean lines in white, beige, and neutral colors. Metal, glass, and black lacquer pieces go with this style.
  • Casual: Friendly and comfortable pieces are the hallmarks of the casual style. Look for plaids, small prints and additional patterns.
  • Traditional: Elegant and more formal in style, furniture can feature skirted bottoms and rolled arms. Colors can include everything from red to ivory.
  • Old World: Features combinations of French, Italian and Spanish design that go well with antique pieces. Rich, earthy colors work well with this theme.

Research Your Look

If you want something more eclectic, do some homework before buying. Visit showrooms, search online sites, and maybe even consult an interior decorator. Whatever your taste, there are a variety of styles and colors to match it.

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