Wall Art Ideas for Your Home Decor Project

Design is all about the details. You can create the illusion of more space, or play with your home’s dimensions by making small changes to decor. Something as simple as adding wall art can give your home a new look and feel!

 Update your Home’s Interior Decor

Easy, affordable and chic, wall art is the perfect way add a personal touch. Instead of simply hanging art, you can get creative, express yourself and make a personal piece that’s unique to your space! For your next home decor project, consider these wall art ideas:

Create a Blackboard

Who says you can’t be practical, playful and trendy? Have it all with a Simple peel and stick and you’ll have a blackboard where you can write, erase and write again!

Practical and Fun!

Whether you’re a young professional in need of a sleek calendar, or a parent looking for a whimsical shape for your child’s room, there are so many options to choose from!

Colorful Blackboard Wall Decals

Despite the name, blackboard wall decals aren’t limited to one color. Choose from decals that are orange, red, pink and more! With a vibrant blackboard, you can add a pop of color to any room.

Add an Accent Wall

Create a point of interest in your space with an accent wall. When three walls in your room of choice are solid neutrals, a patterned fourth wall is a great way to add a quirky playfulness to your interior decor. Use decal strips to create a design that catches the eye, or cut long sections of wall paper and seal on for a similar effect.

With the new range of available now, wall paper is one of the most versatile ways to create an accent wall. Try it one way and if you don’t like it, re-stick again and again! You have the creative freedom to come up with an accent wall you love!

Make Your Own Design

If you’re thinking of creating an accent wall, you can find eclectic decals that create fun patterns in any palette. If you have your own ideas, make your own design! While it may seem intimidating at first, making your own wall art is a fun and creative home decor project – no hammers or screwdrivers necessary!

You have a couple of options to choose from: draw your own design by hand or use a computer or table to create a digital rendering of your drawing. Either way, you’ll end up with a piece that reflects your specific style sensibilities and is uniquely yours!

Make a Photo Wall

The best art is the smiling faces of those you love! With a photo wall, you can create a living art piece that can always grow! Use decals to give your photos structure and order; make columns and rows or frame each picture. Create a chronological timeline or go for a collage effect.

Add Metallic Flash with Thumbtacks!

Sometimes the most mundane materials make the most eye-catching wall art! Grab a canvas from an art supply store and go to town with a box of gold-colored thumb tacks. Inexpensive and fun, you can get creative with your thumbtack designs!

When you’re finished, you’ll have a piece that not only adds metallic shine to your space, but adds texture and dimension to your walls.  

 The Ombre Effect

Ombre has never been bigger – and with good reason! Gradient color is not only beautiful, it’s also calming to look at. Add a soothing color effect to your walls with ombre art!

With the right spectrum of wall decal colors, you can create this directly on your walls. If you prefer a painting, wide brush strokes of paints that transition from dark to light create a truly stunning wall hanging.

Hang a Carpet, Hang a Scarf!

Who says a rug belongs on the floor and a scarf belongs on a neck? Ok, a lot of people do, but not us! Having fun with your wall art is all about thinking outside the box.

If you come across a rug, scarf or pashmina with a pattern that complements your decor, see how it looks as wall art in your home. Depending on the piece, it may be the perfect way to tie your bedroom or living room together.

Wall Art with Quotes

Put your favorite quotes right where you can see them and be inspired every day! Using stencils or sponge stamps, you can paint on quotes directly to your wall.

For a less invasive design solution, seal decals with your quote of choice onto your wall! You can also go the canvas route, and stencil your quote onto a blank sheet, then frame and hang!

Framed Map Pieces

A framed map is a familiar sight in many homes across the country. To make your home unique, try cutting a map into different sections, both square and rectangle, and frame each section.

Hang them close to each other for a new take on traditional wall art in Montreal. With this almost jigsaw view of the world, visitors of your home and sure to stop and stare.

Turn your Wall into a Children’s Storybook!

Not just elegant and polished, wall decals can be used to please kids’ unique taste! Turn the walls of your child’s nursery or bedroom into a real life children’s storybook with fun wall stickers!

Express Yourself!

Wall art in Montreal is incredibly easy to find. Whether you go with decals, paintings or fabric art, adding luscious color, cheeky-fun graphics or inspirational quotes will personalize your space and make the feel of your home lighter and cozier!

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