So You Want a Swimming Pool: Important Things for Homeowners to Think About First

There are plenty of positive reasons why you might decide to have a swimming pool installed at your home but it’s a big decision that needs to be properly thought through so that you end up with exactly the right choice, size, and setting.

Here is a look at some of the key questions you need to ask yourself in order to work out how to get the perfect pool, including why a pool would be a good choice for you and your family,


Good reasons to have a swimming pool

Deciding you want a swimming pool is only the half of it, as the reasons why you have reached that decision will be an influential factor on what type and size of pool you end up getting.

For instance, vary according to what you mainly want to use it for. If you are looking to get fit and want to do laps, that calls for a very different design and specification than if you simply want to have some family fun and would like a pool for recreational purposes.

As long as you have a clear idea what you want your pool for, that will help a lot of the other fundamental points fall into place.


Is it a good fit for your home?

You can design a swimming pool to fit a number of different locations to overcome site challenges but some sites are going to pose more problems than others, so you will want to find out at an early stage exactly how suitable your property is to accommodate a pool.

Ideally, you want a level site to keep construction costs low and if the ground conditions are not favorable, such as having very sandy soil or a high water table, these are issues that are not insurmountable but they will likely push the final cost up higher.

A good designer will find the best and most cost-effective solution to any installation challenges so liaise with them and confirm at an early stage that your site is suitable.

They can also help you to negotiate any potential planning restrictions and anticipate these issues before they even become a problem.


Choosing a good spot

You might have a particular spot in mind for your swimming pool but the final location and size might be dictated by factors like building regulations, pool fencing requirements and access to amenities and services.

If you don’t have many or any specific restrictions to worry about there are some other considerations to take into account so that you get the best enjoyment out of your pool and it enhances the look of your home.

If you have children it will be essential to think carefully about pool access and also ensure that you can see the pool from the house. It would be good if you can site the pool to gain the most exposure to the sun so that it helps keep the water warm, plus think about proximity to trees, as they can end up blocking the sun and leaves and blossom can drop into the water.


Pool cleaning and chemicals

Unless you intend to employ someone to maintain the pool you need to be prepared to carry out regular tasks in order to keep the water in top shape and safe to use.

Some homeowners don’t like the idea of using pool chemicals and there is a more natural alternative that could be worth looking at in the form of a natural pool.

This involves installing an in-ground pool which is lined but instead of chemicals, it is designed to rely on natural processes and filtering techniques that include the use of plants as a way of keeping the pool clean and ready to use anytime.


Considering the cost

If you decide that you want an in-ground pool it is almost certainly going to cost more because of excavation costs in preparing the site than if you fit an above-ground one instead.

There is a clear aesthetic difference between the two and you might decide that if your budget allows for it a pool installed below ground would look better and smarten the appearance of your home.

The idea of having a swimming pool installed at your home appeals to many homeowners, so all you have to do to get the pool you want and suits your needs, is to ask some key questions and use the answers to narrow down your options.

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