Silent Damage to Your Home: How to Tell It’s High Time to Replace Your Doors and Windows

Windows and doors keep the heat or cold outside the home. They also protect against wind, rain, snow, and dust. When your doors and windows are no longer doing the job they were designed for, it’s time to replace them. There are numerous signals to warn you that it’s time for door and window replacement.

Higher Energy Bills

Most energy bill increases are due to cold air finding its way into your home, and that means warm air is escaping to the outside. When you find yourself nudging the thermostat a little higher just to keep warm, it’s time to consider that your doors and windows may be the cause. Most older windows are single-paned and don’t offer the protection against the cold that modern replacements do. Your warm weather air conditioning costs will also be higher due to the same faulty doors and windows letting the hot air in. Forbes reminds folks planning to sell their home that replacement windows and doors and the energy savings they provide can be a sale closer.

Loud Outside Noises

Single pane glass is not able to insulate against the sounds of traffic, neighbors, or children playing. Double or triple paned replacement windows will block most of the outside sounds and provide a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere in the home. Preserve your privacy and enjoy a quiet home by having modern replacement windows and doors installed in your home. Your children will be able to play without concern that their happy noise is disturbing neighbors in their yard. New windows prevent you from hearing your neighbor’s conversations, and they won’t hear yours.

You Can Feel The Drafts

Place your hand around the edges of doors and windows to see if you can feel any air entering. If air is entering, it can also be exiting. is told by homeowners that “drafty, leaky windows that make inside conditions uncomfortable” are the primary reason for replacing them. When you have spent thousands of dollars on a modern heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, it would be annoying to discover outside air leaking into your home. The solution to unwanted drafts is modern doors and windows.

Visible Damage

If you can see damage on any of your windows, including chips, cracks, water stains on glass, or general deterioration of wood frames, it’s time for replacing windows and doors. Any time you find frame damage you can be sure the integrity of the window’s structure has been compromised. Damaged areas can become a home to insects, which will cause additional damage and may invade your home. Replacement windows will look great and protect your family from insect infestations.

Your Home’s Appearance

Replacing your windows and doors gives your home a whole new look. A beautiful appearance adds value to your home and increases the resale value. When family and friends visit your home, the front door is the first thing they see. It can be both beautiful and functional when it is a new energy-efficient door. An insulated door prevents the drafts that so frequently contribute to higher energy bills. Modern doors require little maintenance, and there are many styles to choose from including vinyl, wood, and metal.

Safety And Security

Older windows and doors do not provide your family with the safety features needed today. Modern replacement windows make it difficult for a burglar to break into your home. Today’s doors are stronger, and the locks are very secure and hard to compromise. The news reports have indicated a rise in home invasions. With the advances in technology, manufacturers are producing doors and windows that make it extremely difficult for a criminal to enter your home. Keep your family comfortable, safe, and secure with secure window and door replacements.

Easy To Clean

If you have ever been embarrassed by stained and streaky windows, you probably know how difficult it can be to clean old windows. It’s hard to know if you got the inside clean because the outside is dirty. Unless you enjoy climbing on a ladder to wash the outside of your windows, you will have to hire a window washer. Paying someone else to clean your windows is expensive, and older single-pane windows can be damaged in the cleaning process. Modern windows allow you to clean the outside by flipping them inside.

Your home will look beautiful while saving energy when you replace your windows and doors. Let the sun shine in through the clear double-paned glass, and enjoy your home every season of the year.

Malcolm Jones shares his tips on home maintenance and building tasks online. He works as a builder and is often asked for a second opinion by friends or neighbors who need work doing on their homes.

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