Protect The Site When Improving It 

Whether you are a homeowner or a construction company building a new structure or a handyman doing a home improvement project, you want to use professional-grade to keep the property damage-free and protected from paint, stains, grime, glue and similar problems. Such papers will protect vinyl, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, concrete, carpeting, and more. Also available are adhesives, tape, masking paper, dust containment items, wipe cloths, dropcloths, protective wear, and paint strainers that you will also need to accomplish your results in an appropriate way.

Builder’s Construction Paper

Economical kraft construction paper in large easy-to-handle rolls, is a staple in the paint and construction and paint industries as well as a favorite in the arts and crafts market.

50-Pound Protective Paper

This is a lighter alternative to the Builder’s Paper and is perfect when lightweight surface protection is preferred for some construction and paint projects.

Red Rosin Paper

This thick red rosin paper is a superior moisture barrier and is useful for flooring projects.

Brown Rosin Paper

With the same quality as the red rosin, this is an alternative for those who prefer a paper with less dye content.


Has everything you need, and their selection of paper for flooring is also available on They have been a manufacturing leader in the construction, paint, flooring, automotive, facilities’ maintenance, marine, and disaster restoration industries as they progressed from their founding in 1906.

They offer an expansive selection of jobsite and surface protection products locally and internationally. Their corporate headquarters is in Morrisville, North Carolina; they have an East Coast Office in St. Louis; a West Coast Office in Tolleson, Arizona; and also have sales offices in the United Kingdom and in Italy. They have strategic manufacturing plants placed across the USA in Phoenix, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; Elk Grove Village, Illinois; and Manning, South Carolina; have distributors across the nation; and work with home improvement centers, hardware co-ops, and major national and regional retailers.

For more details, check out their catalog, videos, and sales sheets on their resources page or contact them to ask any questions of their friendly and knowledgeable staff. They work hard and put in extra effort to keep their customers happy and satisfied with the quality of their many products and therefore provide an outstanding performance as they aim to get your project done properly.

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