Mattress Buying Guide

According to the experts, if you’ve had your current mattress for longer than about a decade, then it’s definitely time to get a new one. In fact, depending on the usage and continued quality, you might need to replace it quite a bit sooner than that – perhaps after 5 years.

Even if your mattress isn’t especially old or hasn’t suffered much degradation in quality, the advances on the market in terms of material and construction may well make purchasing a new one worthwhile. In the following short article, we’ll take a look at the types of mattresses on the market and what they’re made out of.

Finding the Right Mattress for You

If you’re like most people, the quality of sleep that your mattress affords you is the most important quality; but this isn’t the only quality that matters. Durability is also important, as well as its ability to stay relatively clean – as in, does it wick away sweat, is it non-absorbent, etc? Mattresses have come a long way since the first ones filled with leaves and then with straw.

  1. Mattresses Made of Latex

When placed correctly inside of a mattress, the well-known rubber Latex confers several unique qualities on it – qualities that are usually at odds with each other and thus require two different materials to simulate. These qualities are softness to the touch, as well as the type of springiness that makes it easy to rise from bed and comfortable to sleep on any side.

Latex derives from a rubber tree and tends to have a high cost of acquisition and manufacturing. This cost is transferred, of course, to the consumer; but if you try out such a mattress and it suits your needs, it’s almost certainly worth the investment. It’ll be with you for about a decade, after all.

  1. Mattress of Memory Foam

Although memory foam can be enjoyed by anyone, it is especially useful as a mattress for people with arthritis or other bone joint problems. In particular, the material contours itself to fit your body shape, thereby taking some stress off of your joints. A side effect of this is the creation of additional warmth by allowing heat to pool into the contoured areas. Although the additional heat is not a marked effect, it can make a difference during the cold seasons.

The good thing about memory foam is the adjustability. If you like the contouring ability, but wish to minimize (or maximize) it, then the mattresses are sold by the number of pounds per square inch they can support. Choose one that provides the desired amount of response pressure to your weight, and a memory foam mattress can be one of the most accommodating types that you can buy.

  1. Coiled Steel – the Innerspring Mattress

When a style and construction work, it tends to stick around for a long time. The coiled steel (usually stainless steel) mattress keeps the support structure close to the underside of the final layer on which you sleep, which provides it with a remarkable stability. To find out whether the mattress can support your weight, investigate it by gauge value.

  1. Air Mattress

The air pressure in these is adjustable, which makes for a mattress that can suit a wide range of sleeping preferences. You can vary this pressure at will; oftentimes, even by different sections of the mattress – which means that if you have a significant other, they needn’t sleep on the same pressure surface that you prefer.

Want more tips on finding the perfect mattress? Sam’s Club offers a comprehensive that is sure to lead you to the mattress of your dreams. Happy shopping and sweet dreams!

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