Knowing the Codes: Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Next Remodel

Remodeling jobs may be the best way to maintain your home’s value. In many cases, even a relatively small job, such as installing new appliances or a new sink, can add value to your home. Somewhat more extensive renovations, such as a remodeled bathroom, often have an even higher return on investment.

But completing these renovations is not as simple as turning a wrench. There are various codes to be aware of, especially if the home is a rental house and not your primary residence. These codes are in a near-constant state of flux. Moreover, they only prescribe the minimum. In order to maximize your return on investment, you probably need to do more than the minimum. But how much more do you need?

have answers to questions like these. You’ve done most of the work. Now, it’s time to let a certified professional finish the job.

Code Compliance Issues

The International Plumbing Code is the benchmark regulation in this area. It standardizes the myriad of local rules and regulations. The IPC covers a number of issues and scenarios, including:

  • Backflow Prevention: These devices prevent dirty water from contaminating drinkable water. Some regulatory bodies simply require an air gap, while others require a mechanical device that actively prevents backflow.
  • Fittings and Fixtures: Only certain types of hardware can match up with certain kinds of pipe. The materials are key, and local rules have the final say in this matter. Moreover, the fixtures must be torqued to a certain degree in order to pass meticulous property inspections.
  • Water Heaters: These appliances must be a certain size for a certain number of approved occupants in a dwelling. Moreover, they must be installed in a certain way so as to limit losses in the event of an accident.
  • Grease Traps: These requirements are among the newest IPC-approved rules. So, many older homes will not pass inspections without significant upgrades. But again, how do you know what suffices for a passing grade?

Some other IPC regulatory areas include water supply requirements, storm drainage efficiency, and nonpotable water systems.

The IPC is only a guideline for localities. They are free to pass rules which are more restrictive or less restrictive. Getting up to speed on all the compliance issues could be just as time-consuming as the renovation itself. Conserve your energy and hire a professional plumber the first time. Even a slight error could mean a costly do-over and extended delay.

The Home’s Market Value

Plumbing issues do not come up in normal conversation. It’s almost impossible to know what your neighbor did, or did not do, in order to clear a rental inspection or get maximum value during a sale.

Once again, a professional plumber has the answers. A plumbing company which has extensive experience in that area knows what your neighbors are doing to upgrade their plumbing infrastructure. That knowledge gives you an edge in terms of knowing what to invest.

To get the most out of your renovation, contact a professional plumber today.

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