Home Decor Styles Coming Out In 2020

Whether you are starting to do some decor upgrades for the first time in ten years or you are one of those people that like to stay on top of all things decor-related, you should know about the latest trends so you can make a statement in your home. 

Home decor trends are ever-changing and they flow and tide every year with trends coming in and out and back in. Below is a list of some of the top home decor trends that we are going to see in 2020 that will keep your home looking fabulous, modern, and as beautiful and functional as ever.

When you get your home just as you want it, you can have a house-warming party to show everyone what you have done. You can serve delicious mocktails using syrup and create yummy appetizers for your guests. After, you can take your guests on a tour of your new space. First, however, let’s get to the ideas. 

1.) Furniture that does more than one thing

A big trend that we are seeing this year is that homeowners are starting to buy smaller homes and turning them into small, beautiful, and functional spaces. In order to make this happen, people are buying furniture that can do several things at once; for instance, having beds that have areas like bookshelf storage or drawers for clothes. 2020 shows a rise in that type of furniture. The furniture has several functions to it but looks interesting at the same time.

2.) Use of new colors schemes

According to professional home decor stylists, this next year is going to show a push to new color schemes around the house. Nature has been a big deal in home decor style for the last few years and the style for 2020 is bringing the outdoors into the home even more by painting the walls with different shades of green. Warm greens that imitate the colors of nature are the most popular wall colors in the home fashion industry for 2020.

3.) Learning how to be mindful in how you design spaces

The way our society is set up, we move continuously all the time with little time to stop, sit back, and smell the roses. To help learn how to slow down and take full advantage of the little downtime that you do have, 2020 is showing us how to be mindful in how we decorate our home. Create a space where you can do things like yoga or meditation. Make it a space that is decorated minimally and supports the idea of slowing down and being at peace. In other words, the year 2020 shows that when it comes to decorating the home, less is much more.

4.) Storing your things in new ways

Everyone has books, cleaning supplies, things they use around the house, movies, CDs, etc., that they want to keep around but don’t use on a daily basis. However, the old trend was to have large shelves or storage items that are not only bulky and not always pleasant to look at, but pricey as well. 2020 is showing a pretty big push to different storage options. The coming year is showing a push towards using storage options that are more display-friendly and actually add a personal touch to the room instead of only acting as a functional piece. Things like chests, ottomans that open, couches that have storage spaces, etc., are going to be included in the decorative style in the next year!

5.) Decorating with bold geometric patterns

For the past couple of years, using furniture and decor elements with clean lines and clear patterns has been the thing to do. However, just as bold and loud geometric designs are becoming more popular in the fashion industry, the same is true for interior designs and decoration elements. Bold geometric designs are not only appealing to look at in the home, but they are gaining popularity. They are very versatile and can be moved around and used in different spaces to keep things interesting. You can also use geometric designs in almost everything from wallpaper to throw pillows. Geometric designs can easily blend in with most types of designs that are in the house, meaning that adding it to your home decor as a statement piece is not only attractive but a hot topic.

These decorative predictions are going to make homes look amazing in 2020! If you enjoy these styles, just wait for the rest of them to make an appearance! Your home will look better than ever in 2020.

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