Fixing One Roof at a Time: Top Apps for Getting the Job Done Before It Rains

The roofing trade can be significantly affected by weather conditions. It is even more prone to interruptions due to adverse weather than other outdoor trades. For this reason, it’s often thought that roofing can’t be done during the winter or rainy months. However, this is not strictly true. Many experienced roofers know how to navigate the seasonal weather patterns and this is because they have the right technology to rely on. Here are some of the top apps for roofers to help you navigate the weather, manage their schedules, measure pitch and more.

Navigate the Weather

How would you like to get an alert on your phone or tablet when there’s bad weather coming, so you have plenty of time to get down of that roof safely? Now you can thanks to Apalon’s live weather app for Android. You can also get current weather plus radar and rain maps and a 7-day weather forecast for anywhere in the world. You can make sure your roofing jobs are always done at the right time. You can .

Roofing Estimates

This app is all you need to create quick and easy roofing estimates to send to prospective clients. Simply take roof photos with your phone and add them to estimate, fill in cost and material information, pitch, difficulty and any other details you wish to add to an estimate. You can also brand the estimate with your company logo. Also five your employees access to roof estimate. All details are saved into your account so you can get quick access anytime.

Pitch Gauge

If you’re looking for a user-friendly app to measure and calculate roof pitch, this is the one. Input the measurements and the app will automatically make the calculations for you, so they will be accurate every time. You can then use the app to create a materials request for your suppliers. Other features include: track the stages of each project track leads, schedule meeting and estimates so you’re always in control.


This innovative app utilizes Google Earth to calculate the surface area of any roof. Its database ties into the largest roofing catalogs and automatically retrieves pricing data based on your location, so you can create an estimate within minutes. The app also has a simulator which allows you to create a virtual image of the roof you’re about to work on. You can add shingles/materials to overlay the design to give you the look of the finished product. Other features include a customer database to store all their information and a function for creating and signing client contracts. This app is sure to give you an edge over competitors.

Keep your customers happy with all their roofing needs and run your company more efficiently with these mobile apps. You’ll always have a reputation for quality roofing work.

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