Boost your Property with a Permanent Shading Solution

Our great Australian summers demand adequate shading at home and if this presents an annual problem, perhaps it is time to consider a permanent shading solution.  You might, for example, have an old rope and pulley awning that has definitely seen better days and rather than letting it reach its natural end of life, for a small investment, you can have a fully retractable roof installed.

Hi Tech Shading

Technology is evident in every aspect of modern life, , which are motorised and incorporate sun, wind and rain sensors. These units are made to measure, which ensures a perfect fit and with an extensive catalogue of top-quality fabrics with rich colours and patterns, you can create your very own al-fresco dining space. If you’re wondering how to make contact with such a provider, an online search will lead you to the website of a local company that specialises in retractable roofing systems. They would be happy to send one of their experts to your home, where you can both discuss your shading options. Such is the variety, they can cover any shape or size of terrace with a permanent roof and retractable solutions allow you to decide how much sun, if any, you allow through.

Stand Alone Shading Solutions

Not every home has a terrace adjacent to the building and if you prefer a stand-alone shading system, there are designs that allow for an independent placing. The surfaces can be colour coordinated to blend in with the surrounding décor and as the system is designed around your space, you are assured of a perfect fit. Support posts can easily be placed to ensure stability and some cantilevered systems are ideal when you have limited space. Your shading will actually complement the area and full motorisation allows shade adjustment at the touch of a remote. You can even incorporate your shading control into your smartphone with a free app.

Boost Property Value

While the cost of a retractable roofing system is considerable, when you factor in the added value that a permanent fixture brings and the many years of trouble-free use, it makes for a very wise investment. Any home improvement will add value, yet permanent shading will see a significant increase in the value of your home and when it is time to move on, the retractable roof system will be a big selling point.

The days of ropes and pulleys are indeed behind us, and with state-of-the-art motorised retractable solutions, maintaining that ideal level of shading has never been easier. Look for a supplier that has a track record and one that will furnish you with some previous project locations, so you can actually take a look at their work. The ideal company would be customer focused and when looking at the available options, the expert would help you to make the right design choices and with units to match every budget, permanent shading can soon become a reality.

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