Best Oak Flooring – 3 Key Things to Look Out for Before Buying

Oak Wood is best used for either structural flooring system or in aesthetic flooring. Hence, it is imperative that when it comes to buying oak flooring for your home or commercial project, you should follow these general guidelines that will help you choose a good quality floor.

What’s more, there are other things you must look out for that will help you make the best choice when you are stuck between various options.

For example, what makes the Gohaus European Oak flooring the ideal flooring wood for your project? How you determine which oak wood flooring to buy can be a very tedious and time consuming process. That’s why we have written this article to help you with your decision process.

Here are 3 key things you must look out for when you go shopping for an Oak Wood:

  1. Where you buy your Oak Wood flooring matters

Where you buy your oak wood matters when looking for the best oak wood flooring. Choosing a reputable supplier with both offline and online stores afford you the opportunity to have a face to face conversation as well as touch and feel the oak wood flooring before your buy. Some reputable online stores send samples to you so you can also see and touch what you are ordering.

Other factors you should consider before you choose where you buy are:

  • What sort of track record does the supplier have?
  • Does the wood flooring come with an appropriate and enforceable warranty?


  1. Deciding which is better for your project – Solid or Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

Although it is difficult to compare Solid wood flooring to engineered wood flooring, you should decide on which is best for your project.

Both types of wood flooring have it benefits and drawbacks but these factors will help determine which category of oak wood flooring to use:

  • Floor surface on which you are going to be placing your wood flooring
  • Usage of the room
  • Wood floor finishing

When it comes to benefits, solid wood flooring instantly adds warmth, character and value to your home and when cared for appropriately, it gets better with age.

Engineered Wood on the other hand offers dimensional stability and universal use. It can be used where Solid wood is not ideal, case in point are environments that are exposed to excess moisture, heat and condensation.


  1. Which Grade of Oak Wood Flooring is most suitable?

The grade of a wood is essential for evaluating its overall look. It refers to the amount and size of visible knots or other natural marks like the colour and sap in the wood.

For example, the more uniform the colour, the smaller the knots and the less sap in the wood, then the higher the grade of wood and the steeper the price.

Although there are no universal standards for grading wood, as a result, most people compare wood flooring using wood grades like for like.

There are four wood grades: Prime, Select, Natural and Rustic. Prime has the lowest knot content while Rustic the highest.

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