Adding a Toilet In Your Basement

If you have a large family, installing an extra toilet in the basement cuts down the traffic to the main bathroom areas that are probably overcrowded during the morning rush.

Of course, there are other valid reasons too, but all you DIY hobbyists should make sure that you are familiar with basement bathroom plumbing before moving forward and attempting to install the toilet.

Basement Toilets

You probably already realized that adding a basement toilet is an option that takes a bit of investment, financially and time-wise. Toilet options include installing a sewage basin system or utility toilet system that is perfect for areas that have a floor lower than the sewer pipes. However, this would lead to your toilet storing waste until it reaches a certain level and is ejected into the sewer system.

Installing Upflush Toilets

Many bathroom experts will probably tell you that the upflush toilet is a good consideration when talking about basement bathroom plumbing. This is because the toilet sends the waste to a special pump with stainless steel blades that instantly disposes of the waste. In addition, the upflush toilet takes much less time to install and is easily moved to another location at a later date.

Basement Toilet Advantages

You’ve probably spent a fair amount of time and money finishing your basement area for the family. Kids spend time playing in the area with friends or you and your spouse spend time relaxing in the area. Certainly, adding a toilet to the basement is a welcomed convenience for everyone. In addition, adding that basement toilet only adds to the total value of your home.


Of course, you probably are wondering if there are any disadvantages associated with adding a basement toilet to your home. Well, adding a standard toilet might require you to dig into the foundation, add drainage, and sump pumps for the new installation. However, you are able to avoid the extra construction by installing upflush toilets, more info here that does not require digging into the foundation or adding a sump pump along with extra drainage.

Installing an extra toilet is a great convenience with a number of advantages that certainly outweighs any disadvantages. However, it is to your advantage to learn as much as possible about any toilet system considered.

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