A Shield for Your Home: Practical Ways to Know When to Update Your Exterior Siding

The siding on your house is a design feature and layer of protection in equal measure, so if it is showing signs of wear and tear or broken in any way, it is going to be making your home more vulnerable to damage as well as spoiling its appearance.

Here is a look at some typical signs that your siding might no longer be fit for purpose and needs replacing. Including what evidence of blistering and bubbling means, why cracking is not something to ignore, plus a low-maintenance, energy saving option to consider.

Regular exposure to heat and moisture

There are times when regular exposure to excessive amounts of heat and moisture are going to take their toll on your siding.

You can soon tell if that is the case when your siding displays signs of blistering and bubbling and if that is what you are looking at when you inspect the side of your property, you need to identify the exact cause and take some action to prevent it happening again.

You might be able to replace just the affected areas rather than a complete overhaul, but it would be a good idea to contact someone like so that you can get a professional opinion on the extent and specific cause of the damage and what to do next.

Instant damage

Exposure to the elements will normally cause progressive damage to your siding over a prolonged period of time but there are events that can sometimes cause instant damage.

Hail damage is certainly a clear and present danger to the integrity of your siding and a hail storm could cause issues such as chipping, cracking and denting.

Sadly, the truth of the matter is if you are unfortunate enough to suffer hail damage to your siding it might need replacing rather than fixing. Again, it would be a good idea to get a professional opinion to see what can be done to save your siding after hail damage or whether it has gone beyond the point of economical repair.

Weakened siding

Dry rot is an issue that can adversely affect your siding and prevent it from acting as the shield of protection that your property needs from the weather.

Dry rot is a fungus that is encouraged to thrive by the presence of moisture and causes wood to decompose. Aside from the ugliness of dry rot, it has the capacity to seriously weaken your siding, so you should take action as soon as you notice any signs of dry rot.

Allowing water into your home

Something you never want to do is allow water to flow uninvited into your home and if you have cracked siding that is exactly what you might be doing.

When you have cracked siding it is creating the sort of vulnerability that water loves to exploit and it will accept the invitation you have presented to penetrate the underlayment and cause some damage that could quickly become quite serious.

If there are only isolated areas where your siding is cracked you could probably replace them, but if the damage is more extensive then it could be time to replace your siding to ensure that your home gets the protection it needs.

Low-maintenance option

If you are fed up with all the regular maintenance issues you have to contend with it might be time to consider updating and upgrading from wood to vinyl.

The most obvious advantage to vinyl siding is that it doesn’t require anything like the same sort of maintenance that their wooden counterpart does, and it feels good to wash it down with a hose to keep it clean rather than all that regular scrubbing and staining.

Another plus point to consider with having vinyl siding installed is that it gives you a great opportunity to transform and improve the look of your home, as well as providing a good layer of protection from the elements.

Cut your energy bills

It is also worth pointing out that replacing your siding could make a big difference when it comes to heating and cooling your home, as well as eliminating drafts too.

All of these improved efficiencies will add up to improved energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

It is vital to remember how important siding is as a shield for your home, which is why it is important to repair and replace when it is needed.

Archie Hope works for a home maintenance company. Always ready to lend a hand and offer up tips and suggestions, Archie is now sharing his knowledge with an online audience around the world.

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