5 Garage Conversion Ideas That Will Give You More Living Space

If your home has a built-in garage, but isn’t getting used, you could be wasting a lot of space that could be turned into something fancy! You may think a garage can only be used as a space to put your car or tools in, but you’ll soon find that a garage conversion could well a great way to gain another room to play in. Here are five garage conversion ideas that will give you the chance to take advantage of that space.

Home Gym

The obvious answer as to what to turn an unused garage into is a home gym. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and it doesn’t have to cost a lot to renovate. Some good lighting, a skim of plaster, a lick of paint and some new flooring is all it takes to get an unused garage ready for new gym equipment. Stop working out in the middle of the kitchen where there isn’t any space and take your workout to your new home gym in the garage!

Gaming Room

Your children will love you more than they already do if you turn that dusty old garage into a gaming room for the whole family to enjoy. You don’t need enough space to fit a full-size snooker table in the garage, you just need to renovate it so you can put in a new sofa with a television and some video games and board games for everyone to enjoy.

Extend Your Kitchen

Where your built-in garage is located will determine your options for knocking the wall through. However, if your kitchen is located next to the garage you should consider knocking the wall through to give you more kitchen space. This is clearly only an option for some people, but it’s definitely one worth considering further. Not only could you increase the size of your kitchen or dining room, but you’ll likely also increase the value of your property.

New Guest Room

Getting rid of your garage door and replacing it with a wall and bay window is always an option if you have a built-in garage. If you have absolutely no need for a garage anymore, there is no point in it being a garage. Instead, giving it a small revamp is all that is needed to turn it into another bedroom. This is perfect for those who regularly have guests staying over.

Home Office

Another great idea for a garage conversion is to turn it into a small office for you to use for when you need to work from home. This would be the cheapest option if you simply want to use the space for something different.

If you are serious about renovating your garage, you should look into beforehand to ensure that your garage is secure and safe. In some cases, you may need to remove the door completely to renovate the room, but whether you do this or not is down to what you ultimately want from your new room.

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