4 Trends Your Garden Doesn’t Want to Miss Out on This Summer

The summer doesn’t always guarantee us the sun we all crave, but as the warmer months approach, it’s important we get our gardens looking perfect for whatever events we’re likely to host. Whether you’re a regular entertainer of family and friends, or you simply like to enjoy your garden in the evening with a glass of red, entertaining the following trends predicted by will breathe life into your outdoor living space.

1. The Layout of Your Garden is Key

First and foremost, getting your garden layout right is key in making sure the space is enjoyable for both friends and family. Keeping the garden looking natural is something a lot of homeowners forget about when they alter the layout of their gardens, but simply adding natural objects such as rocks and bushes can give any garden the traditional look it thrives on.

Instead of changing the structure of the garden in terms of digging areas for new structures to be built, you could raise flower beds or implement hedges so the garden area can be adjusted easily enough to suit the needs of the different people you entertain throughout the year.

2. Could Bright Colours be the Difference This Year?

Neutral colours look boring in the garden so giving your garden some colour this year could make the difference. This doesn’t mean you need to paint your fences yellow, it just means you can naturally implement colour by taking advantage of summer flowers such as Gloriosa Daisies.

Gloriosa Daisies are not only the perfect summer flowers because they can give your garden the bright yellow and orange colours it needs, but they can also attract wildlife and grow up to 3.5ft high to give your garden more structure.

Flowers such as Gloriosa Daisies are just one of the many types of flowers that can give your garden naturally bright colours, and you may even consider Peonies to give your garden balance between bright and neutral colours.

3. Light Up Your Garden

You have many options when it comes to garden lighting but it’s something that needs to be carefully considered to give your garden that little something extra. In the day, you’ll be able to take advantage of natural light and create shady areas by using bushes and hedges. However, when it comes to the evening you’ll want to implement lighting by using LED lighting.

LED lighting is a popular choice for all homeowners because it offers many benefits, being more energy-efficient than traditional lighting being one of them. Café lighting configurations are already trending this year and they could deliver the lighting your patio area and walkways need.

4. Find Ways to Decorate Your Garden with More Colour

By using flowers and natural objects you’ll be able to give your garden the brighter colours it needs, but there’s nothing wrong in adding colourful outdoor furniture either. Colourful garden furniture is trending this year and it will mix well with the colourful flowers you plan on planting.

It’s always recommended to try and create balance in the garden when it comes to natural colours and bright decorations. Always take advantage of staining structures such as the fence or shed in a dark colour to create focal points, and thus the balance a garden needs to thrive.

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