4 Must-Dos Before Your Home Renovation Begins

For months or for years, you have dreamed about renovating your home, or part of it. Perhaps it is the out-of-date bathroom you cannot wait to modernize, or maybe it is the tacky kitchen. Whatever the case is, a little patience goes a long way. Yes, your home renovation should begin ASAP, but do these four things first.

1. Chat with a Pal

That is choose a pal who has been through a renovation in the past few years. The more friends or relatives you can talk to, the better. They’ll clue you in on things you may never have thought of. For example, what was their top stressor? What typically went wrong? Also, you will likely be looking at contractors, so your pals can give referrals. If you plan to do the renovation without outside help, be sure to talk with friends who went it solo as well.

2. Get Your Systems in Tiptop Shape

Your house needs to be in good condition while tons of work is going on. Not only does this make for a more pleasant work experience, it prevents the need for yet more bodies in the space if, say, your heat stops working and a repairman must be called in. So, arrange for inspection of your HVAC systems. offers furnace tune-ups, furnace repair, air conditioning maintenance, and indoor air quality testing, among its many services. Other companies should have similar offerings.

3. Compare At Least Three Contractors

The relationship with your home renovation contractor is going to be one of the most important of your life for the next few months, anyway. Do not settle. Don’t go with the first business you come across either, even if you like it. You are spending thousands of dollars and a lot of time. It’s a great reason to be picky.

4. Understand the Renovation Goal

This one is where many people, surprisingly, come up short. I want the kitchen to look better, is not enough as a renovation goal. Something such as, I want the kitchen, after renovation, to still look good in 20 years, is better. Similarly, I want a kitchen that would allow me to host a 40-guest dinner here, is better, as it implies the need for certain appliances. Another possible goal could be, I want the kitchen to be freshened up so it looks good in five years when I will probably sell the house. In the meantime, I’d love to enjoy it.

This goal setting matters because renovation should serve both short-term needs and long-term needs. For instance, if you go for a trend (nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of the pros and cons), you risk a home renovation that is out of date in 10 years. Likewise, if you think you will be selling in three years, a risky renovation such as tearing down a wall to combine two bedrooms into a large bedroom may not be best.

Home renovations can be supremely fun projects. To ensure that they actually are fun, though, do the four essential things above.

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