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Outstanding Traditional Attached Garages Constructions

The Contemporary Home Desisgn In Nanaimo House
the brown wooden garage door with the yard view
facede of west arm with the lake view
langley exterior house with the front yard
facade of iki residence with the white garage door
facade of vickery residence

Attached garage is commonly presented for traditional home design. With attached garage, it should create a smart combination with the entire exterior and the design of the house. Sometimes, there is a living space above the garage which is completed with beautiful windows as the extra details. Having detached garage allows you to use it as the storage space, it is cheaper than detached garage and of course it is …

Top 5 Examples of Concrete Staircase Designs You Have to See

Veranda With The Wooden Stairs
front staircase with the floor light
home backyard with stepping stone and the backyard fire pit
the concrete patio with the wooden furniture
concrete blocks wall with the stepping stone
backyard with outdoor furniture and the concrete stairs

Some people consider choosing concrete steps for outdoors since it is versatile, maintainable and of course durable. With concrete steps, it works best for painting, applying tiles and staining. It is no wonder if designers to use it. The durability makes it long last so it could save the cost. To get the inspiring concepts and designs of concrete stairways exterior, here are 5 best examples. Saratoga Estate It is …

Stylish and Modern Architecture of Cero’s Modern Concrete House

The Amazing Building Of Ceros Home
outside landscape of Ceros Home
living room with the luxury white sofa in Ceros Home
the amazing bar with black bar stool
bedroom with the grayrug in Ceros Home
outside view of Ceros Home

Modern always defines as flat design. Perhaps some people think the same for modern concrete house. Basically, people use their creativity on how to design it. It means there is no regulation to make the design is like a box for example. It is more about following your personal style from the landscape to the furniture, from choosing the area of living room to the bedroom. That is all. First, …

Brilliant Design Inspirations of Cantilevered House

The Side Yard Of Cape Schanck House
facade of El Uro house
semi cantilevered view with the green yard
facade of the Coronet Grove with the balcony view
house with the cantilever glass balcony
facade of vila castela resort

Recently, people love having house with all sides connected to each other in the design. But now, only some people who have a genius home design in protruding side which makes the house is like floating on the air. It is a bit funny but of course it is amazing. The design ideas are out of the box and for sure, it is futuristic. Cantilever, the house design which is …

Inspiring Modern and Contemporary Garage Design Ideas

The White Garage Doors In The Consear House
contemporary home exterior with the green garden
magnolia contemporary home with the  wooden doors
the front yard with the rock corridor
house with double garage with bricked wall in north island
the facede of the kellet home project

Building your home without garage is like something incomplete there. Garage holds an important role for your home. It could be the best place for your automobile storage. Some trendy garage designs prove us that the demand is still high. Detached garage is the answer to complete the exterior because it is elegant, functional and edgy. Here are some inspiring detached garage ideas you can follow. In Valley Street Residence, …