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Garden Landscape Design Ideas 2015

The Garden Creepers By Andos Studio
the backyard of garden landscape by Andos studio
infinity outdoor pool by Andos studio
outdoor deck pool by Andos studio
outdoor pool with outdoor furniture by Andos studio
the beautiful garden pool by Andos studio

Some people are very fond of their beauty in managing the home. They maintain the conditions of their home garden filled with trees remain. They are also sometimes used as an ornamental plant bonsai their home page. But sometimes the home garden arrangement is not optimal because homeowners do not understand how to mix and match existing plants with decorating the house, thus making the results do not match each …

How to Keep Your Home Safe When You Go on Holiday

Summer Holiday

It’s quite easy for a thief to tell which homes are occupied and which are not. Tell-tale signs such as the house being in complete darkness, post and newspapers building up, and bottles of milk left at the doorstep are all things that thieves look out for in order to determine which houses are the best to target. Over eighty percent of burglaries occur when the occupants have gone on …

Extraordinary Angry Bird Accessories

The Inspired Angry Bird Toys
the angry bird inspirartion cake
the inspired angry bird wallpaper
the angry birds pillows
the inspired angry bird toys
the amazing angry bed speaker

Who is not familiar with angry bird? The game tells the struggle of a bird, which is trying to get back the eggs were stolen by bad piggy, become warm conversation in various occasions. This simple game is achieving fame unexpectedly. Until now there have been many sensational sequel of this game, such as space angry bird, angry bird rio and others. The popularity of this game has inspired many …

Park Your Car Inside Your Home As Part of Interior Design

The Garage With White Fur Rug
garage with small restroom
living room with the garage
garage with the black sofa
car yellow home decoration  in the kitchen
garage with the white sofa bed

What do you think of when you hear, “I parked my car in the house.” I am sure you would be surprised, and said, “Is not there a garage in your house?”, well what I mean by saying parking a vehicle in the house was not making your house as the garage. But this mean to make our car as decorating the inside of our homes. I am sure that …

Dmitry Kobstev Natural Designs

Restroom With Brown Sofa By Dimitry Kobtsev
black and white powder room by Dimitry Kobtsev
crystal pendant lamp in the restroom by Dimitry Kobtsev
liminate flooring in the restroom by Dimitry Kobtsev
living room with grey fur rug by Dimitry Kobtsev
living room with fireplace by Dimitry Kobtsev

Some time ago we have discussed about the luxurious interior that will make our home like a palace. We have seen so fancy results obtained by using the design. Also previously, we have to know the trend of interior design has shifted in many themes such as minimalist and simple traditional style homes. On this occasion I will show some examples of minimalist design created by a designer named Dmitry …