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Tips for Going Green in Your Office

Tips For Going Green In Your Office3

You may be a real green guru when it comes to adopting eco-friendly practices in your home. Does the same apply to your office, however? The answer is often times a shameful ‘no’, as most likely the green practices there are someone else’s job. The truth is that if you are an eco-friendly person, you will try everything in your power to implement such options for your office as well …

The Remarkable Lego Office in Denmark

LEGO Merchandise In LEGO Office
LEGO office interior slide collaboration area
Glass wall meeting rooms in LEGO office
LEGO office interior slide with red and black carpet
LEGO merchandise in LEGO office
meeting room wih the glass wall in LEGO office

Most of the people around the word know about a toy named LEGO. This simple toy was very popular, we can build a house and a robot from the same set of LEGO. But this article will not talk about building a LEGO, we will talk about a LEGO office in Denmark. This review will be an office review like the previous article about Pixar Studio. Lego office was located …

Pretty Modern Style Sofas

The Modern Grey Sofa With Garden View In The Living Room
assorted color cushion in white sofa
Red Modern sofa in  white living room
the beautiful living room with white sofa and the yellow carpet
Green sofa in living room with floral wallpaper
red sofa with the japanese cushion

Furniture is one of many important things on decorating your house interior. One of the important furniture is sofa. Sofa is very important furniture for our house, it can be placed on the living room. Today in this article we will talk about some of modern sofa, which can be placed on your house. I hope this article will help you to make a good combination between your house room …

Small Space House Design Inspirations

White Hallway With The Storage Area
small living room with the brown sofa and wall paintings
the laundry room and the white cabinet
the gray stairs with indoor plant and the peendant lamp
the glass shower room with washing stand
restroom with the wooden sliding door

Getting home decor with small space is a challenge for the owner to make their small house stay neat and organized. There are some considerations when you have small space and want your space use optimal. Wu Cheng Xian from Taihe designs offers you his creation in making great effect to your small space. The key for small space is in the storage and space use. A built in shelves …

Beautiful Illustrative Wallpaper Ideas

The Blue Flower Illustrative Wallpaper Design
Little red girl wallpaperl
Bright floral wallpaper
Large print floral wallpaper by Catalina Estrada
bird garden girl illustrative wallpaper
the blue flower illustrative wallpaper design

On the previous article we had talked about mural wallpaper, the old style mural wallpaper was made from painting. The new mural wallpaper was made from photograph, so the detail of the picture on mural wallpaper look more strong. Today we will talk about a new illustrative of mural wallpaper. This mural wallpaper we will talk is wallpaper which is presented by Catalina Estrada, the designer make mural wallpaper with …