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Australia’s Remarkable Red Brick House Design

The Side View Of Red Brick House In Ausrtalia
living space in Red brick house
the front staircase in Red brick house
the back garden of Red brick house in Australia
entrance of Red brick house in Australia
the back view of Red brick house in Australia

For designers, designing a house depends on the house owner need starting from the structure and the look. The need could be to create a pleasing design or to impress the guests and neighbors. Around the exterior, for example the façade could be the design you want to look while the interior could be started from the furniture, fixtures, colors and curtain. If you think that you want to make …

The Burlingame Residence, California: Modern Rustic Style Design

Outdoor Coffe Table In Burlingame Residence
Bedroom with patio in Burlingame residence
facade of Burlingame residence
bathroom with the wooden cabinet in Burlingame residence
living room in Burlingame residence with liminate flooring
kitchen island in Burlingame residence

Commonly, modern house design should have a clean look and sleek without leaving the essential point: a functional design. Some of the designers prefer to combine the different styles of home design to create a most unique look and one of the inspiring examples is rustic modern home in Burlingame, California. It comes with modern, luxurious, rustic and green concept design. Toby Long Design and Cipriani Studios Design are cooperated …

The Natural Tiny Tack House Design by Malissa

Outdoor View Of Tiny Tack House
outdoor view of Tiny Tack house
contemporary kitchen with rattan storage
shower room in Tiny Tack house  with curtain
parking area in Tiny Tack house
the facade of Tiny Tack house

For some people, they love to live in a big dream house which is completed with home theatre, library, home living room and also a pool. The big house comes with a really nice design but have you tried to live in smaller area which allows you to live like in palace? Living in small place is chosen by a couple, Chirs and Malissa to make Tiny Tack House as …

Ankara, Turkey: A Charming Orange House Design

Indoor Corridor With Unique Roof
outdoor pool with the garden view
indoor corridor with floor light in Turkey orange house
the  outdoor pool in Turkey orange house
outdoor infinity pool in Turkey orange house
indoor corridor with unique roof

Located in Ankara, Turkey the house is built with three-storey design which the size is for about 1050 square meter. What makes us consider showing this house is its smart combination of urban view cooperated with Middle East Technical University forest. A steel structure is presented in this building. It does not lose the initial idea with flexible-systematic process. The house shows the connection of initial diagram and independent room. …

How to Re-Vamp Your Air Conditioning Unit

AC Window Unit On Shelf Brackets

With the weather warming up, the need for air conditioning units in your home or office premises is more important now than ever because there is nothing worse than having to work in a humid and warm room. However, normal air condition units that we are all used to seeing are not very appealing to look at but now with the advances in the air conditioning world, this has all …