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Contemporary Villa BH in Zeeland

Bedroom With Wooden Bed In Transparent Villa By Whim Architecture
Sliding glass doors in Transparent villa by Whim architecture
facade of Transparent villa by Whim architecture
bedroom with wooden bed in Transparent villa by Whim architecture
Contemporary courtyard in Transparent villa by Whim architecture
Modern Double Garage in Transparent villa by Whim architecture

If we talk about a villa, what kind of villa you will suggest for your vacation? Of course it was a good villa and comfortable villa. To make villa become comfortable, you should need the good situation around the villa. This article will talk about a stunning villa which has a concept of open house. This villa using a wide glass window for the wall and at the same time …

How to Create the Best Nursery

Aqua Brown Orange Boys Nursery Crib

Having a baby is exciting, and parents often enjoy the time spent putting their new baby’s room together. While you may not spend as much time in your child’s nursery as you think, it will be a place for your child to grow, and this is what’s important. There are also plenty of things you can do to make it more functional and useful. Check out the following tips on …

Different Ways of Designing Your Home

Creative Home Decor Bicycle

Sometimes, our personal styles can’t be placed into small traditional boxes, and those boxes are mostly inspired by different genres. Our desires and our inspiration can come from a lot of different types and combinations of decor. When we are creating the basis of design in our homes, sometimes people can get sidetracked and forget what they really want in their homes. But, there are many different simple and beautiful …

How Laser Scanning is Used by the Construction Industry

Heavy Duty Construction Laser

It’s hard to discount the value of accurate information when it comes to a construction project.  Whether new construction, a simple renovation, or a full-scale remodel of an industrial building, having accurate and precise data is essential to getting things done right the first time.  While the latest in technology hasn’t historically been welcomed with open arms in this industry, laser scanning may be one of the exceptions.  This high-tech …

Unique Bathroom Designs for Your Home

The Unique Washing Stand And The White Washbowl By Artceram
the assorted color design for washing stand
basin inpirative towel hanger
the black and white lamp basin
the black  and white coffee cup basin

Some time ago we had been talked about the luxurious bathroom with elegant and beautiful light and furniture. Can you imagine something like a coffee cup was used as a place to washing your face? Or a trash bin, was using as a closet in your bathroom. This is very unusual idea, but this is possible in ArtCream hands. They are the architects who make the unique furniture for the …