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‘Modern Classic’ Home Decor Inspiration

Decor Plants On White Couch Table

One of the hottest interior design trends for the Spring/Summer 2015 season is ‘Modern Classic’: think rustic furniture complemented with fresh geometric or concentric graphics and metallic fittings. The style comes from a fusion of Scandinavian functional, sleek design and traditional English country elements. Wooden furniture, such as oak, can be translated into beautiful statement pieces in any room, and works well with other aesthetics due to its durability and …

Ideas For Adding A Touch of Luxury To Your Bathroom

Bathroom Luxury Design Axor

It may sound odd to us today, but until the mid twentieth century, the bathroom was the pride and joy in any home. Grand houses and manors of centuries gone by would lavish their indoor bathrooms with only the best furniture in order to make a statement. Fortunately, now you are likely to find a nice bathroom in most homes, but to add value to your property, here are some …

Beautify Your Home with Artistic Photo Wallpapers

Kids Room With Jungle Theme Wallpaper
bedroom planet painting wallpaper
dog wallpaper in elevator door
bathroom in Costa Rica with waterfall wallpaper
kids room with jungle theme wallpaper
bedroom with flower wallpaper

Now day the using of mural wallpaper is very rare, because it is to old compare with the fashion today. But the similar trend was come to surface. If the old days like in 1970’s, they use a mural or a portrait now the wall treatment using a wallpaper from a photo. The concept of the old one and the new one is similar, but the dimension was deferent. The …

Nordic Kitchen Inspirations

Kitchen Cabinet With Bed By Norema
Norwegian with the black dining table by Norema
Norwegian kitchen with the cutlery set by Norema
retro norwegian kitchens with purple carpet by Norema
Norwegian kitchen with open space by Norema
kitchen cabinet with bed by Norema

The kitchen is an important part of the house. We can not possibly leave home without a kitchen. The kitchen has become part of the house for a long time, because it is home cooking for people who live in the house, from where the food originated in the house. Because in the house, processed foods in the kitchen. The beauty and cleanliness of the kitchen becomes very important. Organize …

Extraordinary Clock and Watch Designs

The Assorted Color Clock
clock uses dimensionalism to tell time
the digital color gird watch
the assorted color clock
the beautiful yellow clock
the assorted color paper vclock

Clocks is very useful for us, because it helps us to know the time. On his way slowly changing clock than the clock becomes very precious jewelry and luxury. Various designs have sprung up to prove the luxury of a clock, both watches and clocks. In this article we will discuss about the designs of the clock that is very unique and certainly gives the impression of luxury on its …