Refinishing Tips for Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture is worn, refinishing it can bring it back to pristine condition. Refinishing is a lot less expensive than replacing, and there are more tools than ever to assist in any project. Here are some tips from to help you refinish your patio furniture.

Prepare your Work Space

In order to refinish your furniture, you should focus on some key elements. Preparing your furniture properly, refinishing it thoroughly and adding finishing touches, such as replacement cushions, can result in furniture you can use with pride.

A common error in refinishing furniture is neglecting to clean and prepare the furniture properly before adding a clear coat, stain or paint. In a rush to apply a new finish, dirt and damage that should be removed first can be overlooked. Although focusing on your finished product can inspire you to complete your project, don’t skip or rush through this essential first step.

Cleaning and preparing the furniture properly will result in a much better finished project. Remove cushions from furniture and place them in a safe place. Wash away dirt and grime, then sand areas that need to be smoothed out. Pay particular attention to areas like seat backs where the shape of the furniture may have grooves that require special attention. Make sure the furniture is dried thoroughly and free from any dust particles before applying a finishing product.

Final Tips

Once your clear coat, stain or paint is dry, you can replace your outdoor cushions. Be sure to inspect your cushion foam for signs of wear and tear or water damage. New cushions or cushion covers could be the finishing touch your furniture needs for maximum beauty and usefulness. Don’t forget to spend some time enjoying your patio after you have completed the refinishing process.

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