Heat Exposure Precautions for Event Planners

Event planners can be life savers in more ways than one. They might rescue the big day from falling behind on schedule, but they also make sure that the venue is a safe and healthy environment for everyone. With all of the excitement of a big event, it can be easy to overlook some necessities required for optimal health. Here are some tips from .

Event hosts or overenthusiastic guests might spend too much time in the sun. Or the weather might unexpectedly reach record breaking high temperatures, making for a miserable environment without proper cooling. Event planners should consider having portable AC units available for these reasons.

A portable room air conditioner could be just right for a retirement dinner party, while a ceremony in a public park may call for more aggressive measures to cool attendees.

Outdoor cooling typically consists of several systems working together. Large fans coupled with misters are common solutions, but you may find portable AC as well, especially when the venue has small rooms or enclosures for guests. These units can bring temperatures down enough to give staff and attendees a much needed break from the heat.

In addition to cooling the venue, event planners can take other precautions for heat exposure. Having umbrellas or tents at the event venue to provide shade can also be essential to providing cooler places for people to congregate. Plenty of liquids should be available to drink for guests and staff alike. After all, preventing dehydration helps people produce the sweat they need to cool off naturally. Finally, recommending that event staff wear light, loose clothing that breathes will help them be prepared for a warm work day. Resting in a cool spot can really be key, though, so make sure to have a bit of AC available for those who truly need to beat the heat.

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