Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Selling your home is never easy, but for some owners their property sits on the market for much longer than expected. There can be many reasons why such a thing may be happening and it is very important to find out the reason and then find solutions to be able to sell your house quicker and at the right price. In this article I will look at some common reasons why homes don’t sell and how to avoid those situations.

If your home hasn’t been sold for few weeks or lets say few months now despite your effort of putting it up for sale, you have certain reasons to be concerned about. Shortcomings in your home are more evident to the potential buyer than to yourself. The best way to determine the reasons your home is not selling is by putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes and thinking what you would like to see in your new home.

Here are some common and often overlooked reasons why a home doesn’t attract buyers. The tips given here would help you sell your home.

Horrible pictures: The potential buyer gets his or her first peek into your home through photos you put up on the listing. Photos showing poor quality home, scattered personal items, untidy rooms, dark curtains, dirty walls, and unclear designs will not convince potential buyers to physically visit your home. These factors would certainly turn off the prospective customer. It is wise to put up good quality pictures that should advertise the best features in your house. It is a good idea to properly clean up the home, remove cluttered items , and put up enough lighting before taking pictures. If your home is not in good condition, doing basic repairs would increase its value and may sell it.

Price: Lets say you attracted a potential buyer, but still your home didn’t sell due to the pricing. Of course you just don’t want to give away your home, but setting the price should be judicious given the already cluttered real estate market. Competition is everywhere and you have to break the competition and sell your home. Overpricing will keep your home unsold for years. Buyers have options and they compare prices.

Price depends on several factors like local market, square footage, layout, size of rooms, condition of home and location. The best thing you can do is study some sold comparable sales. Remember, you price should not be based on the amount you require to pay off your debt or the price your friend or neighbor sold his or house for.

Availability: One of the most off putting factors why homes don’t sell is sellers are not ready to make their homes available for immediate takeover by prospective buyers. If you really want to sell your home, you should be ready to vacate it for the buyer before putting it up for sale. Buyers would like to see your home without you living there.

Listing agent: Hiring the wrong listing agent to sell your home can also leave you waiting for prospective and serious buyers for a long time. Sometimes agents may have bad attitude towards potential customers or may not make effort to sell your home. Make sure to hire a listing agent who has the competency, and experience in the industry in addition to being honest and customer friendly.

Advertising and the target market: Selling your home is just like selling any other item. You should start with identifying your target market, and their needs and reason for buying your home. Next, you should decide communication mediums to reach out to your target market. This is called advertising. Failing to identify your real target market and using wrong channels for advertising are major factors homes don’t sell. After you are confident that you have identified the right target market, now you should use the channels your target market uses, such as newspapers, online advertising channels, broachers, flyers etc. to let them know about your offering.


If you have certain limitations in your home, never apologize to potential buyers. Just focus on your home’s best aspects and describe the efforts you have made to improve it. Tell them with honesty why you loved living in your home and why you want to sell it. When you make a positive impression, chances are that your home will sell. The factors identified and tips provided in this article would help you sell your home.


  1. Always be willing to negotiate the price lower if you need to make a quick sale. That is the fastest and surest way to get your home sold fast.

  2. As owner of, I find a lot of times sellers are unrealistic in what their home is worth. They often compare there home to the newly remolded home down the street when their home has not been updated in 20 years.

  3. Price is everything. If you lower your sale price enough, they will come with cash in hand. If you’re not sure what to do contact us we’d be happy to help discuss the different possibilities or just talk about your situation. We at Marritt Home Buyers have helped hundreds of families in the central valley, ca and bay area.

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