Why Checking Your Foundations is Important When Moving House

When looking to sell your home, you need to ensure that any structural issues are addressed to ensure that it will sell for what it is truly worth. This may include correcting any damaged brickwork, fixing the roof, replacing damaged windows or doors, or simply giving your walls a coat of paint to make your home look immaculate. Whilst these are all important to sales success, ensuring your foundations are structurally sound and carrying out their function is just as important, if not more so, because the foundations are the underpinning of the structural systems in your home. Here is a guide to maintaining your foundations and the implications of not doing so when selling your home.

Examining the Foundations

There are some simple steps that you can carry out yourself when examining the foundations of your home. These include checking the saturation of the soil around the foundation and looking to see if the foundations have begun to absorb any moisture. You also want to check for any cracks directly in the foundation and any issues opening doors or windows. A list of structural checks you can carry out yourself when checking your foundations is available from the National Foundation Repair Association (NFRA), the pre-eminent body in promoting standards of excellence in foundations and their repairs.

Choosing the Correct Realtor

When moving home, your realtor will be one of the most important facilitators in the process. You are paying them a fee, often quite a large one, to provide expertise and ensure that the move is smooth and efficient. A good realtor should have an established relationship with a local foundation expert to address any issues, and good ones, such as Stratum Co., will provide a free quality check on any foundations.

Using Your Realtor When Selling

Whilst you will have to cover the cost of any repairs to the foundations of your home if you are selling using a contractor recommended by your realtor, this does carry several benefits. Firstly the work will need to be carried out for any insurance to be valid without paying indemnity as reputable mortgage providers will not provide a mortgage for a home with significant structural damage. By using the company recommended by the realtor, they will also often offer a transferable guarantee to the buyer, not only securing yourself for the work but guaranteeing the purchaser’s peace of mind knowing the work you have had carried out is guaranteed for them as well.

Using Your Realtor When Buying

The fees you are paying are to ensure your peace of mind that the home you are moving to will be the house of your dreams. A reputable foundation repairer will ensure that any procedures carried out are carried out correctly to ensure there are no issues when you move into your home.

Clearly the foundations of a home you are buying or selling are important to the success of a deal. Using a realtor who uses an NFRA approved construction company to carry out any work is essential.

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