What You Should Know before Buying a Freestanding Bath

To capture a nostalgic feeling in your bathroom you may want to consider buying a freestanding bath when it’s time to replace the bath that you have now. These baths give your bathroom a romantic look of days gone by, when life wasn’t so complicated. But before you rush out to purchase this style of bathtub there are some important things that you should think about. Using the points below, ask yourself if your bathroom can accommodate a freestanding bath and if you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

Research and Compare

Before you buy any freestanding bathtub you should research it, the warranty that comes with it, and how people feel once they have a freestanding bath. Read testimonials and reviews of the bathtubs as you begin to narrow down your preferences. Make sure that you give special attention to the materials from which the bath is constructed. This can impact the amount of weight that your floor will have to support. Quality should be your top priority and the Carron bath line can provide you with the quality that you need at an excellent price. Learn the facts about freestanding baths and compare the prices and customer service that each supplier will give to you.

Placement of Your Bath

Have you thought of where you will place this new style of bath in your bathroom? It’s important to take measurements so that you’ll know what size of bath will fit in your space. Another very important point to think about is the change in plumbing that will be needed for your new bath. The price of the labour required to move plumbing supply lines must be figured into your overall budget when you are determining what you can afford. The placement of your bath can give your bathroom an entirely new look, but it may cost more than if you buy a more traditional bath. Keep in mind that your freestanding bath is finished around all sides, so you are free to put it wherever it suits you.

The Size of Your Bath

Freestanding baths come in a variety of sizes but you must carefully choose the size that you need. Think about the people in your family who will be using the bath. Take measurements of the largest family member who will be using the bath and use this as a guideline for your purchase. You should also think about the added weight associated with this style of bath. Will your floor safely support the weight of the bath filled with water and a person? If you have any questions you should consult a professional who can inspect your flooring system to see if modifications need to be made. Keep all of this information handy so that when you are shopping online or in stores you can refer to it. Making the right decision can save you a lot of money and frustration.


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