What Does Your Bathroom Style Say About You?

We all like to think of our homes as an extension of our personalities. We spend hours choosing furniture, paint and browsing interior design magazines to try to create a living space which says something about us and how we want the outside world to see us. So what are people thinking when they set foot in your bathroom?

Traditional or Victorian Style

A traditional bathroom says that you really aren’t interested in slavishly following fashion. You’re also probably quite frugal with your cash, as you’ve chosen a bathroom suite which will stand the test of time rather than one which will look dated after a few years. A traditional style bathroom suite may also indicate that you live in a period property, or are interested in the environment and have chosen to use a second-hand or salvaged bathroom suite rather than looking to buy shiny new bathroom suites from a large retailer.

There’s a fine line though between opting for a traditional scheme and going down a route which is twee and old fashioned; choosing gilt taps, fancy frilly curtains and crocheted loo roll covers isn’t going to say that you are traditional, it’s going to say that you haven’t moved with the times and are stuck in the past.

White and Bright

If you’ve chosen a very white and simple bathroom, then you could leave visitors to your home with the impression that your home is very cold and clinical. White bathroom suite, white walls and white flooring might look very clean and hygienic, but it can also be a little intimidating and can make your bathroom look a bit like an operating theatre. A very clinical bathroom can also say you’re a little bit obsessive about hygiene and cleanliness, and can give the impression that your bathroom is not somewhere to relax in the bath after a long day at work.

Here’s a few simple ways to jazz up a white bathroom with an injection of colour.

Coloured Bathroom Suites

The only impression visitors will get from a bathroom with a peach, pink or avocado suite is that your home is firmly stuck in the 1980s. If you are trying to sell your house, this can be a real problem. Having a bathroom which gives the impression of no work having been done to update the house over the last thirty years is going to adversely affect any price which a prospective buyer offers you. If you’ve been living with your pink or green bath for decades it can be hard to see it through fresh eyes, but spending £500 on a basic white bathroom suite from one of the large online retailers can drag your bathroom kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

That said, coloured bathroom furniture can work well if done tastefully.

Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

If you’ve invested in a rainwater harvesting system to flush the loo with, or gone one step further with a water-free composting toilet, then it will be immediately obvious to anyone looking at your bathroom that you are interested in the effect your actions may be having on the planet. An eco-friendly bathroom also says that you’re probably planning on staying in your home for the long term as this sort of technology is more expensive to install than a standard bathroom. Also many buyers may be put off by a bathroom which is not “standard” so it also says that you’re not one to follow the crowd and like to stand out as an individual.

High-Tech Bathroom

Some of the bathroom gadgets and gizmos available nowadays are mind-boggling, from apps which allow you to switch the bath on from downstairs or flat screen televisions which can be watched while you’re relaxing in the bath. This sort of bathroom says to the outside world that you can be a little bit showy or ostentatious, and like to impress people with your grasp of the latest developments on the market. A bathroom loaded with the latest gadgets also says that you have a good disposable income as you have the cash to keep up with the changes in technology. It’s also a very male look which isn’t appealing to many women, and again this could prove a stumbling block if you are trying to sell your house. There’s a fine line between not allowing your bathroom to become too old-fashioned and turning it into a high-tech gadget showroom.

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