What Architectural Style is Right for You?

There are so many different architectural styles available in housing. There are houses all on one level, multistory houses, and split level houses. There are ordinary style homes and unusual styles.

Unusual styles of homes and their advantages

Throughout the years architects and designers have created several housing designs that had many functional advantages over traditional housing.

If you are in the process of selling and buying a new home, you may want to consider one these out-of-the-box designs.

 Geodesic Dome

One of the most intriguing of these designs is the geodesic dome house. Buckminster Fuller patented the geodesic dome house in 1951. His desire was to create a house that recreated nature’s own designs, so he experimented with geometry because he saw so much symmetry and geometric shapes in nature. While it looks a bit out of place among traditional homes, the geodesic dome house is said to be the most efficient building available.

The sphere is an energy efficient shape, much more so that the traditional rectangular house, because it has 30 percent less surface area. It is more cost effective to build because it uses less lumber, and it is several times stronger than a traditional house. Energy savings on heating and cooling average around 30 percent.

The design possibilities in a round home are limited only by the inhabitants’ imagination since walls can be put anywhere.

Green Façade House

Living facades on this house that consist of plants and greenery all over the exterior walls of the house have a trellis system attached to the walls to hold vines that grow from the ground up.

Imagine a house whose exterior walls are all green and vibrant with living plant life. The house, when properly landscaped, appears as part of the landscape instead of a house sitting on a yard. Advantages of the green façade house include:

  • Excellent air quality surrounding the house
  • Sound dampening
  • No exterior painting needed
  • Extra insulation from the plant life.

The green façade can also be carried through to the interior focal walls.

More Traditionally Styled Homes

Farmhouse style:
Farmhouse style two-story homes have tall windows, large porches and sometimes metal roofs.

Craftsman homes:
The Craftsman style of house is one of the most popular of the traditional styles. It has artistically detailed wood on exteriors of various materials and can be found as a bungalow or a more expansive house.

Traditional style homes
The traditional style house is a mixture of many styles, and is the most sought after style on the market. Its basic lines and evenly spaced windows usually have wood or brick exterior walls.

Ranch style homes
Ranch style homes have four main roof shapes with gables, and are available in a variety of exteriors.

Country style homes
Country style homes are similar to the Colonial style house, featuring big porches, shutters beside the windows, and intricately designed wood ornamentation.

Whatever style home you choose, whether you choose a geodesic dome home with solar panels, or a traditional home, you will find the house that is right for you. You will know the house is right for you when you walk into it the first time. It will have just the right number of rooms for your needs and a feeling of positive energy.

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