Weekend Projects: Upcycling to Update Your Home

Weekend Projects: Upcycling to Update Your Home

Upcycling is a popular design trend for three reasons: it is cheap, recycles unloved items and allows the creation of unique pieces. There is no limit with upcycling, so no matter what your taste or interior design style, you can create furniture and accessories that work beautifully with your home.

If you are new to this process, read this handy upcycling guide filled with helpful tips and useful tools. To get you started, here are a variety of upcycling ideas that would make the perfect weekend project.

Build a Headboard

Are you tired of your bed frame? A bed is a huge focal point of any bedroom, so you want it to stand out and make a statement. There are a huge amount of ways to create your own statement headboard. You could paint or varnish a barn door, add a bed canopy with beautiful fabrics and string lights, repurpose an old room divider, create a rustic look with a wooden pallet, display an oversized canvas, reuse wooden shutters, or simply reupholster your old headboard. Plus, when you have overhauled your bed, you can upcycle your old headboard into a garden bench.

Home Office Storage

To work at the best possible rate, a home office environment needs to be inspiration and stimulating. It should also be practical, stylish and welcoming. There are many ways to create this kind of space, including DIY upcycled storage such as turning old ladders into shelving, using mugs, jars and tins for stationary, repurposing vinyl records into mail holders, or using old window frames to create cabinets. Alternatively, use an armoire, wardrobe or add doors to a wall nook to create a foldaway office, using chalkboard paint for a notice board and adding hooks to store a collapsible chair.

Stylish Suitcases

Vintage is a huge trend at the moment and nothing says vintage more than an old leather suitcase. These can be used for so many different purposes and add so much character to your home. Add shelves and mount to turn into a medicine cabinet, transform into a pet bed, add legs to create a bedside table, install a mirror top to and use as a coffee table, or simply decorate and stack to create beautiful storage solutions. Alternatively, follow this tutorial to make a feature suitcase chair.

Charming Chandeliers

Lighting can make a huge statement in any room, so it is the perfect opportunity to create something unique. Almost anything can be upcycled to create a lamp or chandelier, all it takes is a little imagination. You could create a chandelier from wine decanters, glass jars, vintage bean or tea tins, old film cameras, milk bottles, chainmail, decorative bird cages, skateboards, tea cups or even a drum kit. The possibilities here really are endless!

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