Ways to Fireproof Your Rental Home

In the business of owning or renting a house, one needs to ensure that security concerns are considered and answered year after year. It is also prudent that you fireproof your new property, whether owned or on lease, once you buy it. Some houses are marketed to be fireproofed, but sometimes, it only looks good on paper. Thank God for property portals, like Zipmatch, for providing more details about matters regarding safety and security. Aside from these, Zipmatch has a great property selection of condo for sale or for rent to satisfy your needs within budget. They also have a blog that talks about the topic of safety at great lengths.

If you happen to doubt your rental property’s fire safety, here are some surefire ways to fireproof it and lessen your worries over time.

Invest in a fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers should be placed in multiple places in the house for easy access. They should be multiple in places that are prone to getting fires, like living rooms with fireplaces and kitchens. The right training should be taught to everyone in the house. The maintenance of fire extinguishers should be done regularly to ensure that they are functional and updated.

Install smoke alarms

Alarms can increase your family’s chances to recognize the presence of fire and act on safety measures as soon as possible. You should also test them from time to time to ensure that they are 100% working.

Use fire- resistant furniture and carpeting

Furniture and carpeting are mostly the items that spread the fire quickly around the house. If you have carpeting that is not fireproof, change it for something more fire- resistant. You can also buy chemicals that fireproof your furniture, especially if they are made from wood. It is a good investment and insurance in case there is a fire.

Don’t overload your electrical circuits

Since forever, overloading circuits has been said to be the major cause of many house fires. You can buy an extension cable to avoid this or employ the use of power strips to smoothen out irregular electricity wattage. Investing in a good wiring plan will prevent fires in the long run.

Use the correct electrical applications

Choose electrical appliances that save power consumption and are not above regular wattage. For example, it is highly advised that you use the correct bulbs with the recommended wattage. There are also appliances with a timer option, which is beneficial if you are too busy to unplug everything before going out.

Use candles correctly

In the case of blackouts, candles are handy for providing temporary light until the power goes back. However, they can cause fires easily when you leave them near objects that easily catch fire. Make sure to place them away from curtains, carpets, sofas and beddings. Put them in the right containers to prevent them from tipping over.

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