Tips to Infuse Your Home with Your Own Style When You Are Renting

Renting, especially if you are planning to stay in your home for a long time, needn’t stop you from making it feel like your own. While in most cases, unless you are renting privately from a landlord you know well, you won’t be able to do things like paint the walls or change any of the other more permanent fixtures like the flooring, you can use a lot of design tricks to make your house, apartment or studio look like home.

Here are some ideas for putting your own style on a rented property:

Use a Proper Colour Scheme

When most people buy houses, apartment buildings or Montreal condos to let out, they tend to paint the interiors in colours that are as neutral as possible. Even when places are rented out fully furnished, the furniture is chosen to be plain and neutral in colour. This allows you to add colour in your own way through the furnishings and accessories you own. While you can’t colour the walls, you still have plenty of options for adding colour with things like curtains or blinds, throws, drapes and cushions, so shop with a colour scheme in mind rather than choosing things haphazardly just because you can’t change the palette completely.

Floor Coverings

If your property is stuck with plain, boring flooring or worse – flooring you hate like an ugly carpet – you can add your own style by choosing rugs. Some rugs are designed to cover almost a whole room, and can really change the way a room looks, or smaller rugs can add a pop of colour you can echo in other things in the room like cushions, lampshades and ornamental pieces. Rugs are one of the quickest ways to transform a space and make it look well decorated and thought out, so look out for rugs that suit your style and use them wherever you can!

Wall Decorations

Artwork, prints, mirrors and photographs can all help add colour and interest to your plain walls, as well as allowing you to express your taste. Some landlords don’t like tenants hammering nails into their walls to hang pictures or mirrors, but you can buy tabs that are easily removable without leaving marks that you can hang things with. Look for things that are framed in a way that goes with your accent colours, and avoid hanging unframed posters, which can give a bit of a ‘student dorm’ effect.


The light fittings in your home probably can’t be changed, but that is OK – if you prefer different lighting or just want more options, buying lamps in styles you like or even using unusual lighting styles like LED fairy lights can help you get the look you want using things that don’t affect the property’s permanent fittings and can be taken with you if you move.

By thinking about ways of livening up the walls and floor, using decorative things in a coherent colour scheme, and creating your own lighting, you can easily style and customise your rented home.

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