Tips for Going Green in Your Office

You may be a real green guru when it comes to adopting eco-friendly practices in your home. Does the same apply to your office, however? The answer is often times a shameful ‘no’, as most likely the green practices there are someone else’s job.

The truth is that if you are an eco-friendly person, you will try everything in your power to implement such options for your office as well as your home. There is much that can be desired in that regard, when you are in the office. From finding the right office cleaning solutions to implementing strict green policies and activities aimed at eco-friendly living, there is truly a lot that can be done for the environment. Following are some simple tips that you can follow in your office to make it more environmentally cautious.

  • Reduce energy waste – most people use a computer or other electronic device at work. Optimising the energy consumption is most certainly a smart way to go green. Energy efficiency is often easily achieved by merely changing one’s habits. What you can do is play around with the settings on your computer and such devices to see if they allow energy-saving. Always remember that standby mode continues to draw energy, so it is wise to consider turning off all machinery to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. A power strip that can turn off all hardware is a useful tool to have.
  • Reduce paper usage – we live in a digital age, where paper consumption is absurdly high. Do you really need to print every e-mail? Can’t you just store it on your computer for future reference? The more information you use directly from your computer, the more trees can be saved from getting turned into paper.
  • Focus on green and recycled materials – while it is true that some paper is required for printing, nothing is preventing you from equipping your office with recycled paper. Be mindful of what materials your office equipment is made from. Opt for refillable rather than disposable, biodegradable rather than traditional plastic. Provide a green recipe for soap and other cleaning detergents, which are safe and harmless towards the environment.
  • Green the office cleaning – speaking of cleaning, why don’t you ensure that the tools and products used in your office are green and eco-friendly? A great number of cleaning companies offer such solutions, which are all aimed at getting the job done without any threat for the environment.
  • Reduce plastic containers – if you are bringing lunch from home, make sure it is in reusable containers rather than plastic disposable ones. Not only is plastic inconvenient, but it is also bad for human health, as it can leak dangerous chemicals into your food. Besides, plastic is a poor choice when it comes to any cleaning service and you can never be sure how clean the container is.
  • Share the tips with your co-workers – the more people that join a green living cause, the better. Discuss such topics with your colleagues and get them in on the act. You can also arrange a carpool commute with them, which is the ideal option for getting to work without using separate vehicles.

Take each and every one of these tips into account to greener your activity at the office. It is such steps that can truly make a big difference and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

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