Thinking of Hiring Movers? Here’s What You Need to Know

Moving home is stressful and it is important that you think of everything to make it go by in a more relaxed fashion. One of the things you need to think about is the moving company you will work with. Here are 10 pointers to help you get the most out of your experience with DC movers.

  1. Write down all the large items you have in your home, such as your plasma TV, mattresses, your fridge, etc. It will help you get a more accurate quote from your moving company.
  2. See how many small items you can fit in the boxes that you intend to use. Figure out, in so doing, how many boxes you will need for each of your room. Take a note of that.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 in your garage, basement and attic.
  4. See if you have to do the same for your yards and gardens as well.
  5. Find moving companies online. There are many places where you can find cheap movers, but you have to be a little bit weary of this. You may look on Craigslist and find someone who will complete your entire move for $50, but you may put your belongings, and even yourself, in considerable danger by doing this. You pay for quality, after all. But you do have to think about how you will pay for this quality, so have a budget ready.
  6. Through step 5, you should have a short list of movers available to you. Phone at least five of them. If you’re not happy yet, phone another five. Do this until you have narrowed down your list completely.
  7. Start labeling your items and boxes with post-its or labels. Don’t write on the boxes themselves as this can often be confusing. Make sure you keep anything fragile clearly marked and in a safe place.
  8. Make sure you know which items are the most precious to you and follow exactly what is happening to those. Do this for each member of your family, including your children. Moving is stressful for everybody, including children, so let them play a role.
  9. When your movers are there, remember that they are human beings too. They may want a drink of juice or coffee or tea every once in a while. Don’t offer alcohol, not even at the end of the move itself. Similarly, you could offer some light snacks like a bacon sandwich or burger, but don’t expect your movers to sit down for a full meal when they are helping you move home.
  10. Always leave a review about the moving company, whether good or bad. It is appreciated by the company and it is appreciated by consumers as well. The vast majority of people now check online reviews to help them make a decision in terms of which companies they do and don’t want to work with, so your review really matters.

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