The World’s Most Beautiful Eco-Friendly Hotels

What better place to find inspiration for a gorgeous, modern, sustainable home than the planet’s most beautiful eco-friendly hotels? This list looks at four of the world’s best – from Nicaragua to Sri Linka and from pared back to full-on luxury. Get inspired for your next sustainable home or garden project (and perhaps for your next green holiday, too!)

Six Senses Con Dao, Thailand

Offering the sustainable, ethical, relaxing and revitalising experience for which Six Senses hotels and resorts are famed, the Con Dao is stunningly located in the midst of a protected national and marine park – those visiting from May to October can see turtles nesting on the surrounding beaches! The Con Dao incorporates sustainable materials and an airflow-maximising structure to reduce dependence on air conditioning. Little wonder that it has been commended by National Geographic for its commitment to sustainable values – even the golf balls are eco-friendly! (Top tip: if you’re dreaming of white sand but can’t afford a tropical getaway, why not bring the spirit of the seaside to your living room or kitchen with these brilliant beach-inspired DIY ideas?)

Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge, Nicaragua

Situated in 4,000 acres of lush, pristine Nicaraguan jungle, Morgan’s Rock offers fifteen sustainably built, minimal-impact bungalows that are basic yet comfortable and are located right on the beach. With almost half of the property set aside as a protected nature reserve, this beautiful, serene resort offers visitors chance to relax, unwind and simply be at one with nature. The cosy restaurant serves delicious local dishes – many of the ingredients are farmed sustainably on the remaining half of the land.

Heritance Ahungalla, Sri Lanka

This gorgeous five-star hotel was designed by renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Famous for designing buildings that respect and complement the natural environment, his special touch can be seen and felt in every detail of the building – its environmentally-conscious layout completely eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the day. The hotel’s dedicated, professional staff are committed to keeping the oceans clean, and the hotel has won a Green Globe certificate for its high environmental standards. Why not get inspired by Geoffrey and minimise your energy use with Alinta Energy’s useful guide to the latest home heating and cooling technology?

Hotel Hangaroa, Isla de Pascua, Chile

“A place to meet with the essential part of being human, with the simple things, with our origins, with the beauty of all that is natural. This is an invitation to renew the soul and, at the same time, to respect the nature and culture that surrounds us.” – This is what the Hotel Hangaroa promises – and it doesn’t disappoint. Located on the beautiful Isla de Pascua (Easter Island), the hotel’s architecture pays tribute to the historic stone village of Orongo. The hotel is constructed largely from natural materials and its interior is decorated with natural objects found on the island. The hotel’s simple décor and thoughtful use of natural light is designed to honour the native Polynesian inhabitants of the island, the Rapa Nui, who take pride in their close relationship with nature.

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