Styles of bi-folding Doors

Despite the bi-folding door growing massively in popularity over the past few years, for some people they are still unsure what a bi-fold door is, how it works or if it would even look good in their own home.

What is more, manufacturers of bi-folding doors have also now started to develop their repertoire of bi-folding door options so that now you can have a design to perfectly suit your own individual needs.

To explain this further, we teamed up with Clear View, bi-folding door specialists in Yorkshire, to look at some of the many bi-folding door styles available on the current market. As always mentioned, sometimes you can combine these with other options, like curtain walls, aluminium windows, or single solid panes, to get the best deal for yourselves.

There are always many considerations to look at when you are looking for a bi-folding door and the number of panels will usually be determined by the size of the opening you have. That’s said, it is all dependent on their use.

Two Panel Bifolding doors

These doors are the most common when you are looking to make a simple replacement of French or patio doors. Used primarily for smaller openings, they consist of just two panels which move in one direct. Through the use of a floating mullion, the closing end of the bi-fold doors will look thicker on appearance than the opening.

Three panel bifolding doors

Available in two different configurations, these can either slide all in one direction or you can have one door which opens as a conventional door would. You should consider how you will use the doors to access the garden as one configuration is much more accommodating for more regular use.

Four Panel Bifolding Doors

Available in three configurations, the four pane is one of the most common examples of where bi-folding doors are used. Usually, all the panels slide in one direction as a two pane door would and this leaves a large opening at one side of the door, perfect for the free movement between the internal and external parts of your home. Again, depending on preference you can have the door opening one way or the other.

Five Panel Bi-folding Doors

Like the 3 pane option, the 5 pane slider allows you to be a bit creative and you can have an access leaf at one end, with the other four panes sliding the other direction. Again it is important to consider how you will use the door in this situation. You can also have it where three panels concertina in one direction and the remaining two move the other way.

Six Panel Bifolding Doors

The same configurations which are available for the four pane above are available here as well, just with an extra penal at the each end.

Seven Panel Bifolding Doors

A 4 and a 3 combination is popular here however you can have them all sliding one way, This is particularly popular for golf clubs and hotels where they want to maximise the opening space between gardens and restaurant areas.

As you can see from this article, not every bi-fold door is the same and picking the right configuration for your needs is vital. Speak to a professional bi-folding door company to make sure you get the right one for your home should you be looking to upgrade.

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