Spruce up Your Space With Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are standard accessories in many homes, but they’re often relegated to closets or corners where their potential to enhance your home’s appearance is wasted. The right throw blanket, strategically placed, can transform the look and feel of a room – and throwing it over the back of your couch is hardly your only option.

The Casual Look

They’re called “throw blankets” for a reason! There’s no need to keep this accessory neatly folded; its convenience is part of its appeal. You can drape it over your lap for a bit of extra warmth and comfort and simply toss it aside when you’re done. A blanket casually flung over the corner of a sofa can soften the straight edges of a modern, neatly-tailored room or make a big, cushy chair look even more inviting. Designs that include fringe look especially nice when draped over a chaise lounge or couch.

Sleek and Stylish

Most throws are made in the classic rectangular shape, making them a natural fit for creating lines and angles. The perfect throw blanket can have potential not just as a comfort item, but also as a design accessory. A brightly colored throw can add a pop of color to a room that’s dominated by neutral hues. If you’re looking for a change of scenery but don’t want to invest in a new suite of furniture, try draping thin blankets folded lengthwise down the middle of your living room chairs, tucking them under the cushions to keep them in place. You can even layer two blankets over each other for a more complex look. The color, texture, and pattern of the blankets you choose can provide your furniture with a striking makeover with minimal investment of time and money.

Not Just for Living Rooms

Throw blankets are a logical fit in front of the fireplace, but they can enhance many other spaces in your home as well. Draping them over the end of a bed can add a hint of sophistication and allow for a quick nap or cozy interlude with a favorite book without disturbing the bed’s main covers. A throw can even add a touch of indoor luxury to a deck or patio, extending the time you can comfortably enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces.

If your throw blankets have been tucked away with your extra pillows and sheets, take them out and experiment with the many ways they can alter your home’s ambiance. Acquire a collection of throws in a variety of sizes, styles, and textures, and rotate them seasonally or whenever you want a change of pace. This accessory may be diminutive, but its impact can be dramatic.

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