Six Things You Can Do To Brighten Up Your Home

It can be difficult to maintain a bright and happy home whilst balancing a job, family and a social life. Luckily you don’t need to hire a professional or spend hours figuring it out because everything you need is right here waiting for you.

Want a little green in your life but too busy to water plants? Artificial foliage will bring colour into your home without the added pressure of keeping them alive! Place a couple of mini trees in the corner of your living room and then some lovely flower displays can enhance your dining room or even fit snugly on your beside table. There isn’t a room that plants can’t brighten!

We love the summer because it’s bright! Keep that feeling at all times in your home by investing in some great hanging lights, wall lights or lamps. Having a luminous atmosphere will keep that positive feeling with you. There are some great designs out there for your lighting also, just check the Axo Light range here that luxury lighting specialists Lampcommerce offer for example.

Colour Palette
If you have dark walls or floors then adding some white furniture will glow and add an extra spark to the room. If you have white walls or furniture then pick a colour that will add to the brightness, rather than taking from it.

Depending on the arrangement of your furniture, you may inadvertently be blocking out light. Not only that, if you have an airy living room but a cramped bedroom, your mood will change and you won’t be happy in every part of your home. Feng Shui is an art of positioning objects to help your energy flow favourably, practiced by the Chinese. Now, you may not believe in your bed’s position healing your chi, but you can’t deny that they’ve got some useful tips and tricks to making your home a brighter and pleasing place. You can read this guide to help you Feng Shui any room in your house.

Have a Place for Everything
In addition to placing your furniture well, it’s always best to have a place for everything so your home looks less cluttered and more organised. If you’re always in a rush, it’s handy to have the things you use daily in the same place. With a little bit of searching, you can find storage boxes that match your colour scheme and fit well with your furniture. Inside, the boxes may be full of junk but that’s your secret because they look amazing on the outside!

Keep it Clean
Perhaps the easiest and most important tip to keeping a bright home, but one easily overlooked. Cleaning doesn’t have to take up all of your weekend or be such a chore. Picking up after yourself may be tiring at first but will soon become second nature. This handy article will knock hours off your cleaning tasks, as well as help you to maintain a tidy home.

These six points will make your home brighter and your life easier. Each task will take no more than a couple of hours and once it’s done, you won’t have to do it again! Not only will your home be the place to be amongst your family and friends, but also it’ll be the place you deserve.

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