Save Green by Going Green: 4 Practical Home Improvements

Most of us are up for the idea of saving a bit of money where we can and to that end many of us happily cut out coupons and download codes so we can use them to get money off.

This level of frugality can easily add to saving a lot of dollars every year so it makes sense to apply that same level of logic to running your household and see if there are some ways to make worthwhile savings on things like your energy costs.

Saving some cash and being able to improve your green credentials is a real no-brainer when you consider the growing awareness about the finite resources available on our planet, which is why you may want to take a look at this infographic, which shows you how you can save green by going green.

Some of the ideas put forward are easy to achieve without a major financial investment, such as upgrading your lights and switching to LED bulbs.

Granted, the cost of LED bulbs might seem when compared to the price of a traditional old-fashioned bulb you could pick up, but when you actually compare the running costs and bulb life you will get your money back in a little over two years.

That represents a saving of somewhere around 75% when you compare LED over traditional bulbs and the fact that these new-generation bulbs are way eco-friendlier and contain no toxic materials, means that you tick all sorts of boxes when you switch off your old bulbs and replace them with LED versions.

Other initiatives to consider include installing reflective roofing and upgrading your windows and doors to significantly reduce the level of heat loss or gain in your home.

If you are signed up to the idea of saving money and going green, take a look around your home and see what changes could be made.

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